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Search Engine Optimization or SEO as it is commonly referred to, is crucial for all websites, not just especially for WordPress users. The number of sites on the Internet in the present. Which means that you have to perform a few things to make your website visible. The goal is to encourage your site’s users to sign up, buy and spread the word out to the world about, who you are and what you are and why they matter to them and why they should be a part of their lives. In this post, you’ll be taught 23 SEO Tips for WordPress to do just those.

Select an WordPress themes that are mobile with SEO, accessible on the web and quick.

The speed of your website’s loading is crucial. If you include images, videos, audio, and textual content on your website They can reduce your website’s loading speed. Select a light WordPress theme that is SEO-friendly, flexible in its design and easily used by those who be visually impaired or physically challenged.

Select a website hosting service with speed-boosting technologies such as OpCache, Memcache, or even LiteSpeed.

Many web hosting providers offer speed-boosting technology on the server side that allows you to run your WordPress website at lightning speed. Hostpoco is one of the few hosting companies that offer speed boosting technology. Hostpoco we offer LiteSpeed cache on each plans of WordPress hosting plans as well as Managed WordPress Plans for hosting.

As a final note, ensure that your site’s PHP setting is at the most current version recommended by WordPress and also adds a little oomph to speed up your website’s performance.


It is not fun to visit an online site and receiving a virus or getting malware. It is essential to ensure that your web hosting provider provides an environment that is secure. Additionally, ensure that you install SSL for security, to ensure your customer’s data isn’t stolen when making forms or purchasing products on your site.

Select a domain that is memorable or reflects what your website is about.

It’s not necessary to select a domain with keywords that describe the services your website provides. It’s certainly useful however, if you’re an enterprise with a name that is memorable and distinctive name can set your site and your business apart from numerous others that are available in the Interwebs.

Submit your website sitemap to Google Search Console.

google search console

Google Search Console is designed to assist Google to monitor your website’s search engine health. If you’re launching an upcoming website you are able to upload your sitemap and URL to enable Google to crawl quickly your website and then incorporate it into the search engine.

If you’re a company send your company’s and information about your website on Google My Business.

Google My Business

Apart from adding your website on Google Search Console for companies, you may also make use of Google My Business. This is an additional service that will have your business featured in search results and also invite visitors to write reviews.

Submit your sitemap and your website through Bing’s Webmaster Tools.

Bing's Webmaster Tools

Although Google is the most popular search engine, do not overlook Bing search. It is also recommended to submit your website for submission to Bing Webmaster Tools to be able to improve your search engine listings on Bing’s search engine platform.

Use an SEO-related plugin to you add the essential OpenGraph and Schema markup to your website.

WordPress SEO plugins such as Yoast SEO let you create better content and include tools such as Schema markup. Which allows spiders to view your website in the correct way. By being able to accomplish these things, Google can do a better job of analyzing your site’s presence through Google Search Console, while optimizing your search engine results.

In addition, from the search engines, social search along with social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. That mean you have to use special codes, such as Open Graph to ensure that your site’s content looks polished and lists pertinent details on their platforms.

Include your website in Google Analytics to track your site’s traffic’s growth.

If you’re looking to find out how many people visit your site receives each day, the length of time they spend on your website, the location they originate from and to the places they go, you must utilize a tracking program to track that. Google Analytics offers a free and reliable platform for tracking traffic that will inform you whether your website’s traffic is increasing, or give you the idea of any areas of your website that require improvements.

If you’re blogging make sure you know the distinction between categories and tags.

A well-organized website is essential. While Google search is a main focus, your internal website organization and search must also be essential. Google actually integrated its Sitelinks to WordPress websites, a method to allow access to Google’s internal WordPress search from your Google search results.

It’s important to organize your website properly including the tags for your blog and categories. In simple terms the use of categories is as the main topics, and tags need to be more precise. There shouldn’t be an excessive number of categories on your site. Limit categories to 2 and 8 on your site. When it comes to tags, make use of them to categorize certain subjects. Because some tags can be utilized in multiple articles, not all of them must be in a different category regardless of whether WordPress permits you to choose various categories.

Utilize call-to-actions to encourage your visitors to complete the things you require them to complete on your site when they visit your site.

Call to action is an absolute must if you are looking to catch your visitors to pay attention and lead them to the most important sections on your site regardless of whether you’d like visitors to buy items, subscribe to an email newsletter, fill in an application, or something else.

The navigation of your website should be easy and simple.

Structure of your website isn’t only for search results as well as for visitors to allow them to navigate your site easily. When your website grows it is crucial to stay up with this since more articles and pages mean connecting them, and there’s no site that’s difficult to navigate.

One of the best tools to assist to achieve this is to use breadcrumbs plugin or SEO plugins that include breadcrumbs to every page or blog post. Breadcrumbs on your site give visitors an idea of where they are on your site, and also the ability to navigate back to the main sections of the website or your homepage.

Make use of an WordPress Caching plugin.

Although your web hosting plan comes with some caching and speed-boosting technology on the server level for you to get more benefit from the potential the power of using a WordPress cache plug-in can boost the speed of your website even further. For Hostpoco using cloud hosting you can make use of this LiteSpeed cache plug-in to boost your website’s speed further.

If you’re interested in learning about ways to boost your website’s speed. This is a great article for beginners on the subject.

Make sure your images are optimized for them to load quickly.

In addition to making use of a cache plugin you should also be using an image optimization program like Smush to decrease the size and possibly resize them as well.

Protect the security of your WordPress website.

Security must always be the top priority for your site. If your website is infected with malicious software, Google could delist or include a fake label on the search engine. This could deter people from visiting your website until it is safe and secure. Learn more about the security of your WordPress website here.

Every week, we create new and exciting content that incorporates images, text, audio and video.

Your readers will be enthused the various ways of displaying your content are utilized. Utilize as many options as possible to bring as many people to your website.

Check that your writing is no less by 300 words.

There’s plenty of content on the internet and the more distinctive and valuable information. You can provide on your site it is more likely that your posts and pages will rank higher than any other website’s search results. At a minimum you should have 300 words on a single page or article. However, it is recommended to try to have more than 1,000 words per page.

Be sure to regularly share your content with the most popular social networks.

It’s not over after you’ve published a post or a page. It is important to share the content on social media networks, too. It will also add your link to their platforms, meaning it’s searchable.

Include your website on Facebook as an official business page.

Your business or blog must be listed online on Facebook. There are millions of people on Facebook and all information can be searched. But make sure you update your site and don’t depend on Facebook to draw in visitors. The technology evolves with time and Facebook may disappear someday. Your website must always be the one you’re trying to guide your visitors to.

Be sure to link regularly the pages of your website.

Internal linking is essential to the website. It will keep visitors on your website longer and can even lead customers to buy your products and services.

Use keyword research and keywords in your content to increase the rank of your content’s pages in search engines.

You may be aware of many things however this doesn’t mean you are aware of all there is to know about what people are searching for. This means the research on keywords must be conducted. Once you’ve determined the keywords you must use, you can be sure to focus on subjects that people want to know more about.

Create features for your website to increase the time your visitors spend on your site, and to keep the bounce rates low.

Views of pages, visitors’ time spent on your website, as well as bounce rates are vital statistics. It is important for them to see the most pages possible on your site as they can and remain on your site for longer. If they’re just visiting one page before leaving your website, which is referred to as bounces, then the bounce rate of your site will be very low. In the end, it means that your site isn’t attracting the attention of people about what your website offers.

Keep your installation upgraded along with themes and plugins

Upgrades plays important role in site security and performance. It is recommended to perform regular upgrades to keep good health of your valuable website.

In addition, adding popular or featured posts, posts that are related and whitepapers, as well as longer articles or even videos will increase the traffic to your website, and increase the likelihood of turning your visitors into customers, subscribers, or regular readers.

In Summary

After you’ve learned a few SEO-related tips for WordPress You can utilize this list of suggestions as a checklist to increase the search engine ranking of your site. Enjoy Search Engine Optimization!

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Fix For “your sitemap appears to be an HTML page” in Google Search Console Fri, 12 Nov 2021 05:20:33 +0000 Now that you have created a website sitemap and submitted it to the Google search console, you got an error message saying Your Sitemap appears to be an HTML page....

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Now that you have created a website sitemap and submitted it to the Google search console, you got an error message saying

Your Sitemap appears to be an HTML page. Please use a supported sitemap format instead.

In this case, you will see that your sitemap’s just an HTML page to Google’s eyes. Google crawlers. Therefore, instead of searching for the XML sitemap, Googlebot finds the HTML page, which is not in the format supported by Google.

your sitemap appears to be an HTML page

Let’s fix this issue and then see how it goes

The first step is to check your website or blog sitemap using the search console tool. All you have to do is enter the URL of your sitemap and then click the validate button on the right side of the page. It is common to be presented with an incorrect XML format. These are the ways to resolve the issue Google Search Console.

Read Also oops something went wrong and we couldn’t process your request!

Deleting caching of your XML sitemap

WordPress caching plugins make an archived copy from your XML sitemap. With that cache, they can add optimizations. Sometimes they also reduce the XML and similar to that. Also, these tools may be able to delete the incorrect cache due to the optimization.

To fix the issue To solve that issue, you must remove this sitemap from your cache options and then remove it of the WordPress cache totally. If you’re using a well-known plugin, you’ll find options such as filters or excluding caching pages from their settings. This applies to popular plugins such as W3 Total Cache, WP Super Cache, WP Rocket, HyperCache and many others.

W3 Total Cache Or Yoast

Within W3 Total Cache For instance you can disable the cache of the sitemap by clicking Page Cache under Performance. Scroll until you can see the option to never cache the next pages. Then add your sitemap the list. If you’re making use of Google’s Google XML sitemap plugin, include sitemap.xml and if you’re making use of an XML sitemap plugin, then add it to the Yoast plugin to create an XML sitemaps, then include sitemap_index.xml and keep the modifications and then delete the cache.

Be aware that if you use Sitemaps for images, videos or authors, you should include them in your primary sitemap. It is also possible to purge your CDN completely if using one.

You could also set up an user-agent group to Googlebot however it’s not certain to perform. Thus, I recommend deactivating your XML cache to prevent warnings and errors in Your Google console accounts.

HyperCache Or WP Rocket

If you’re using the HyperCache the WordPress plug-in, you’ll see URL rejection options.

If you are WP Rocket users, they will find this option in the Advanced Settings in the WP Rocket menu on the WordPress dashboard. You can also include their sitemap URL into the Never cache the next pages box.


It’s a common error to encounter “sitemap appears to be an HTML page” error could be difficult to determine However, it’s generally caused by a poorly designed page or a easily resolved caching conflict. After you’ve identified the issue, fixing the issue is the matter of a few more steps.

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7 Things That Shows Your E-commerce Blog Is Getting Popular! Mon, 19 Jul 2021 12:52:32 +0000 E-commerce Blog writing directly impacts your WordPress blog or website in terms of the number of users who spend their valuable time on your website or blog on a regular...

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E-commerce Blog writing directly impacts your WordPress blog or website in terms of the number of users who spend their valuable time on your website or blog on a regular basis. Blogging or content writing is not as easy as it seems these days as it used to be a few decades back.


Today there is a lot of competition and almost every niche that you would think unique is already covered by many bloggers and big companies, so choosing your desired niche is a tough task.

This is the main reason why a lot of people fail to start blogging or fail to achieve results.
It is required to pick a topic where you can scale a blog but finding a good niche is as important as your business in the long run.

If you are really interested in e-commerce blogging and want to take your blogging skills to the next level. Finding unique content and keeping it throughout the article is the success key of the blog. Because as a blogger you need to bring your writing on track and needs to be intact where people would really love and enjoy reading your post. This is possible not only by delivering values but also solely depends on the demand for the content that you publish for your readers through the blog.

Otherwise, it would be a big mess and you would waste your time and energy in order to simplify your blog writing efforts. And it could even become frustrating and difficult for you to keep pace with the hard work that you are trying to put forth in this game.

Want to create a new website or want to change the theme of the existing website? You need to choose the best OpenCart themes to support your business and these popular themes come with great features.

How to Achieve success with e-Commerce blog writing?

E-commerce Blog writing is really when you use your real-life experiences. Because if you are already working in the same niche field you do not need to read on the topic to write elsewhere. Your experience will endlessly flow through you when you begin to write on a topic that you are really aware of.

Awareness of something is the first step to succeed in anything you want in life. Once you are aware of the things you want you only need to know how do you get it and dive deep into it to take all the actions required. This will simply bring the best of yours and you will feel the freedom to write effortlessly on the topic you want to write about.

It can be a story topic, business topic, personal topic, or your products and services. It’s important in business will be beneficial if I found my passion for the internet.

Things take time, to get some success in blogging you have to be consistent work with your writing. And this will really open the news way for your blogging world.

Get a Module For Your E-Commerce Blog

As an owner of the Opencart store, it is necessary for your business to set up a blog in the first place. And an opencart blog module will help you to set up your blog. There are the most advanced blog modules available in the market for OpenCart store owners.

Such blog modules are created to provide an effective blogging platform that is simple and easy to manage. It comes with a dashboard for the admin to view or administer the overall number of categories post and recent comments up to date.

This will surely be beneficial to you your blog writing efforts.

7 Things That Shows Your E-Commerce Blog Is Getting Popular

Keyword Ranking

Rank a keyword on the basis of your writing skills is a really hard task if the keywords that you want to rank are competitive. Especially in the e-Commerce section, you will find those keywords for popular products already.

But, there are many more keywords where you can rank for your e-commerce products through the blog. These are mostly long-form keywords that are less competitive but have a good presence with respect to search volume in the marketplace.

So if you are thinking to rank those keywords, then you have to increase your writing skill in such a way to meet e-commerce business requirements. You will notice a difference in traffic and click-through rate once you are able to rank popular keywords. Keyword ranking is the first step to making a good presence.

Alexa Ranking

Alexa is the best-known metrics to measure the amount of traffic to your website. The lower Alexa rank will have better traffic on site. If you have a better Alexa ranking, then it must be due to your writing skill.

It explains that your audience has liked your content. This is a positive signal for your e-commerce blog. So good Alexa ranking is a sign of popularity for your blog and its articles. The more traffic for your blog will improve Alexa of it.

Guest Post Requests

Guest posting is one the important tread which became very popular in the blogging world. It’s the important factor for blogging that most bloggers and businesses use to attract targeted traffic to their websites. Guest posting is also known as guest blogging which is written pieces of content that is used for publishing on others’ blog.

It not only increases search traffic but also helps to improve the domain authority of blogs or sites. So if you are started getting guest post requests from publishers, bloggers, or any other kinds of businesses you are going well. It means you are writing significant and important content which is impacting your readers.

Visible Blog Content On Google News

Google News is one of the most demanded news sections where even businesses and bloggers want to get their articles. But it is not as easy as it looks. If your blog or articles are showing up in Google news that means you have created exceptionally strong writing news articles for your blog or business.

Your blog can come in Google news once your articles are able to attract an audience. Your blog can come up in Google news, Either due to registration of website or due to catch of blog by Google news.

Increase In Organic Leads

If you are on google news, having good Alexa, and also rank for keywords that are competitive. You are definitely going to get the best traffic for your blog or site. This influences your business in a huge way and it will surely attack your targeted audience.

Increased Email In Your Inbox

There is another thing that shows that your E-commerce blog is getting popular is that started getting emails from job seekers, job portals or service provides. Most businesses start sending emails of their services and some can ask for job vacancies.

Getting Comments On Your Blog

You will start receiving comments on your blog once you start to drive real traffic to your blog. Also, you will surely receive third-party comments from users. You can either allow such comments or can blog them.

You will be able to see an increase in your user comments related to your products or services and this shows that your blog is gaining good interaction. If you see you have no comments on your blog topics and you need to think again about what possibly might go wrong.

So you need to rebuild your content to make an impact on your audience through the blog.


Every e-commerce business should on some form of content writing to make its online presence stronger. Writing comes down in many forms such as articles, stories, products, scripts, essays, and so on. Blog writing is much-hyped in SEO and blog writing. E-commerce businesses who want to expand their online marketing base can take up to improve their businesses.

Audience love to hear about latest product launch, trends, and events. So you can make use of blog writing as one of the effective means to improve traffic to your website or blog.

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What are SERP Positions and why are they important? Wed, 14 Jul 2021 17:19:15 +0000 It’s a question we hear often and SERP positions play the main role in SEO (search engine optimization). So, cutting straight to the point – what are SERP Positions, and...

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It’s a question we hear often and SERP positions play the main role in SEO (search engine optimization). So, cutting straight to the point – what are SERP Positions, and why are they important?

SERPs aka ‘Search Engine Result Pages‘ are the pages in Google which display results for your search queries online. SERP positions pages display a combination of paid adverts and organic results. Paid adverts (always available at the top and right-hand side of the page with a yellow ‘ad’ or ‘sponsored’ button next to them) and organic results.


SERP positions have put the positions a website holds in organic search. Your SERP position will be at the first page if your website is optimized well. Generally, the number one spot counted and results under any paid adverts.

Organic Results

As said earlier, SERP Positions are of two types content organic results and paid results. Organic results are the web pages listings that appear as results of the search engines algorithm. SEO experts specialize in optimizing web content and websites to rank highly in organic search results.

Paid Results

In contrast to organic results, paid results are those that have been paid to be displayed by an advertiser or sponsor. In the past, paid results were small type and limited up to text ads only that were typically displayed above and to the right of the organic results on search results.

Today, however, a wide range of forms takes with paid results, and there are dozens of ad formats that cater to the needs of advertisers.

Ranking Signals and Search Algorithms

Organic results are the listing that has indexed by the search engines. Its based on a number of factors knows as ranking signals.

Eg. the search algorithm used by Google features hundreds of ranking factors. Nobody outside of Google knows precisely what are those, some are thought to be more important than others.

Earlier the link profile of a site – the number of external links that link to a specific website or web page from other websites – was an important ranking signal.

It still is to some extent (which is why Wikipedia ranks so prominently in organic results), though search advances at such a rapid pace that ranking signals that were once crucial to the search algorithm may be less important today, a source of constant frustration to SEO experts.

SERP Position Results Checker

There is one best and reputed SERP position checker or tracker. You can use to track the position of your website results or keywords. Kindly visit the below URL, insert website name and your keywords :

SEO & SERP positions

SEO is a service that focuses on increasing a website’s organic SERP positions for a targeted set of keywords. It helps to find your website easily on the world wide web.

This involves a combination of on-page optimization, regular content reached creation, and authority building through reputable backlinks. To have good SERP positions for high-volume traffic searches is vital to ensure your website is found easily for the right searches on search engines. SERP Positions directly affect the presence of the website and its business.

SEO Tools

Multiple providers have developed SEO automated tools and such tools or checkers help beginners to handle SEO tasks easily. Also, hosting control panels also come with SEO tools plugins which give an idea about managing the SEO of the website. Hostpoco offers SEO tools with hosting cpanel and it’s free for all our web hosting clients.

Thanks for your attention to this article. You can revert back to us through email at supp[email protected] if you have more queries related to this topic.

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