Completion Of Migration Window : –

Affected Server : –

Note: You’re receiving this email because according to our records, your websites are hosted on the server specified above. In case your account(s) on this server is/are no longer used, please disregard this email.

Hi {$client_name},

Thank you for choosing for your hosting services.

We are sending this email included with more info related with respect to previous email which we had sent on date “02/25/2020” where we had stated already that Our proactive monitoring system detected resource/storage stability issues on existing server to avoid any further performance degradation issues, we will be moving your account, over to a new cloud server platform, which will enhance the reliability, performance, high availability & scalability. We have now finished with the migration window and accounts have been migrated successfully to our new server.

For your records, the new IP address of the server will be new server IP. If your domains are registered through us, you will not need to make any changes to the name servers they use. However, if you are using private name servers then you are advised to update the IP addresses of your name servers as follows:

Old Server Name & IP : –

New Server Name & IP : –

Old Nameserver 1 :
New Nameserver 1 :
Old IP address :

New IP address :

Old Nameserver 2 :
New Nameserver 2 :
Old IP address 2 :

New IP address 2 :

Its required for the domain owners to update our namemeservers for the domains at their respective domain registrar end, so that website’s can start become accessible from new server IP.

If anyone using Old IP address “old server IP” in any Email clients ( Outlook ) as incoming and outgoing mail server need to updated to new IP address “new server IP“.

WHM Access URL with IP address will be OR

cPanel Access URL with IP address will be OR

Webmail Access URL with IP address will be OR

If you have any queries or concerns, please contact our support department through live chat or or send us email at

Thank you.


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