FAQ OF Best Free Hosting For WordPress Offered By HOSTPOCO!

Hostpoco is one of the leading providers of Best Free Hosting For WordPress in the hosting market, providing maximum space and max bandwidth for its free users. We are trying to explain more about our free hosting plan through this article. How one can get the benefit of free service for their websites. Also, we are going to explain here what type of scripts/applications are supported for this plan.

We are also going to discuss more the frequently asked questions related to our demanding Best Free Hosting For WordPress, which will help to execute quick activation and access for our hosting services.


What is Hosting?

Hosting (also known as Web hosting, Web Site hosting, etc) is the business type of housing, serving, and maintaining files for one or more Web sites through the server. It is the online service type that enables you to publish your website or web application on the world wide web ie the internet. There are multiple types of categories under Hosting, few are more popular names are Free Hosting, Shared Hosting, Reseller Hosting, VPS, Cloud Hosting, and Dedicated Server Hosting.

Hostpoco is a leader in offering free and paid hosting, you will find perfect hosting plans and feature pack resources in budget with 30 days money-back guarantee.

Free Hosting – Host Without Cost with cPanel

We provide free hosting with Cpanel, PHP, MySQL, and maximum resources. The free plan includes FTP, online site builder, script installer, free SSL, 100% uptime. It is the concept designed by Hostpoco for beginners, who avoid going with paid hosting at the start. They wish to try their skills first before making an investment. Hostpoco delivers the best free hosting experience for such clients, making things easier about the comfort level of hosting.

Most clients have converted free hosting to paid plans after learning the control panel and hosting-related facts. It is very easy and manageable to start hosting with the most friendly control panel named cPanel. Hostpoco offers everything as free through the lifetime free hosting plan.

Hostpoco Free Hosting Supports For Below Categories

Most users always ask us or initiate a chat about supported subcategories for our free hosting service. Our free hosting plan is based on Linux server-supported cPanel as a control panel. We deliver login details through welcome email after validation of the service. Our free hosting plans perfectly suit the below sub-categories.

Free Linux Hosting
Free PHP Hosting
Best Free Hosting For WordPress
Free Web hosting
Free cPanel hosting

FAQ OF Best Free Hosting For WordPress

We have tried to include almost all frequently asked questions about our free hosting plan, kindly go through them and revert us through email or chat in case you want us to add more than the below.

Does DMCA ignore hosting offered with free hosting?

No, we do follow DMCA strictly with our free hosting plan. We suspend or terminate service in case we found anything suspecious.

Are bot sites supported for free?

No, bot sites are not allowed with free hosting.

Why is Free Service activation taking longer?

Free hosting is designed for beginners and we need real user details and we activate the service after performing manual validation of the client entered details.

What are the nameservers of hostpoco?

The client needs to allow few hours for the service activation, we are having multiple servers and every server is having different nameservers. We will deliver a welcome email as soon as the service gets activated, it will hack the exact nameservers.

Does cPanel support Free hosting?

Yes, we offer cPanel based free hosting for our clients.

Why service marked as fraud?

As we said, we perform manual validation of client details and orders. We mark orders as fraud again invalid or fraud details.

Hostpoco Demands for Mandatory Review?

Yes, we wish to offer free hosting for every single beginner and demand valuable reviews on our review partner sites. We demand mandatory review within 10 days of free hosting use. The client can request for extension through a ticket if need more time to try our free hosting before review.

Can free hosting be converted to a paid plan?

Yes, the client can upgrade their free hosting to a desired paid plan anytime from the client area.

Does free hosting come with Site Builder?

Yes, we offer a free site builder with our free web hosting plan.

Is a single script installer available with a free plan?

Yes, we offer softaculous single-click script installer library with our free plan. You can install 400+ scripts through this script installer.

Why my second free hosting order is pending?

Each client is limited to single free hosting order and their second order will be canceled without any explanation.

Am I allowed to rename a domain of free hosting?

No, free hosting is designed for beginners and not for experts, we do not offer to rename/replace the facility with this plan.

Can I get custom resources for the free plan?

No, we do not offer any custom resources.

Does Hostpoco offer free VPS hosting?

No, we deal in a free hosting plan only.

Are there any hidden fees behind free hosting?

No, our free hosting is completely free and there are no hidden fees.

Why did Service terminate without any notice?

Hostpoco reserves all rights of free hosting and can terminate or suspend service against misuse of free hosting.

What are the resource limits of free hosting?

Free Web Hosting Terms and Conditions:
» Fully qualified and working domain is mandatory
» Inode limit is of 30000 Files only
» We do not allow offshore / DMCA ignored hosting with a free hosting plan
» Spamming/Bulk Mailing is strictly prohibited
» Plan is designed for the beginners or learners only and not recommended for professionals

Service suspended against invalid or non-active domain?

Hostpoco is regularly auditing free client services, we suspend or terminate the service of the invalid or inactive domains.

Does Free SSL Certificate include with free hosting?

Yes, we provide free auto SSL with our free hosting plan.

Is there any discount available for upgrade to a paid plan?

Yes, kindly raise a ticket from the client area with the exact plan for which you wish to upgrade. We will provide you best possible discount coupon code.

Have more queries? Do not hesitate to drop us a support email at sales at hostpoco (dot) com OR visit our page to chat with our Live Chat Support

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We assume this article will help to understand our free hosting. It will help to try Best Free Hosting For WordPress instead of paying more at the start.

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