10 Key Factors For Fastest WordPress Hosting!

As we all know, WordPress is a system that makes it easy for everyone to create a website. It is also easy to get instant best results in low cost with WordPress and most people have made it in reality. WordPress have make it possible for you to create a site, give it a good look, provide it with tools called plugins and have admin access manageable in few clicks. Users can also perform upgrade tasks easily with the friendly look and customization of WordPress. Behind every WordPress site its required to have fastest WordPress hosting, and we need to consider 10 key factors while buying this high performance hosting.

So let’s understand what exact factors are those and how can they impact the loading experience of your WordPress site, in short slow loading hosting can give poor results for website and good results with the fastest hosting.


Data Center Location

Data center aka DC is a unit where servers are kept and are used to store data of the websites. They are connected to internet and maintain connectivity for 24x7x365 days, and which results into the best uptime of the websites. Its also important to choose our nearest DC location to get best loading experience for the websites. So it plays 2% role in the fastest WordPress hosting. Ex US based clients suppose to have DC location in USA, Indian suppose to DC location In India or Singapore, Europe for the Netherlands, etc.

Storage Type for Fastest WordPress hosting

Every server is having storage drives where website Data suppose to store and serve. From years, we have hard disk drive for storage purpose and recently SSD storage system have been introduced as alternate solution for the storage type of the computer or server. These SSD drives i.e. solid state drives gives 20x times faster loading experience for the websites than the regular HDD based servers. We noticed and have observed that SSD storage really matters and hence we have started recommending SSD based fastest WordPress hosting for the clients.

Easy to use Control Panel

Every server have a operating system installed on it and if a normal user try to operate such servers directly will face handling issues because user’s have limited knowledge of such things. But if there is any user-friendly intermediate in between server and user then things can be managed easily. Experts have later designed control panels to overcome such things, and every hosting provider is now offering control panel for the hosting space where users can use it and can manage website related tasks by their own. cPanel is the best example of the control panel and its most demanding ever.

Space Requirement for Fastest WordPress Hosting

The default WordPress installation can work with 100 MB of space but space requirement gets increased when our website gradually starts improving its presence on the World Wide Web. We recommend having at list 2GB SSD storage space to run website online throughout. It’s the media files and other relevant content of the WordPress website which acquires more space of your hosting service. But at start you can choose beginner plan for your WordPress hosting requirement and upgrade your existing plan to higher one once you feel that the current space can cause errors.

Bandwidth requirement for high performance WordPress site

Bandwidth is a thing used in website hosting, it measured on the basis amount of data your website can transfer to your users in a given amount of time. Heavy content or perfect blog’s need huge monthly bandwidth and 100 GB also can be reached by the site if its having good amount of daily visitors. You can search for such fastest WordPress hosting provider who can offer Unlimited bandwidth with a web hosting services, and which will help you to avoid bandwidth errors in the future.

Single Click Script Installer

This is a feature / tool offered with the hosting control panel which can be used to install applications like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal in few clicks. This type of automation helps beginners to manage the things more easily and it also helps to perform tasks like upgrade, backup, restoration from the same tool of the hosting control panel. It supposes to have free with the web hosting service and delivers right after activation of the web hosting service.

Free SSL Certificate

SSL certificate is one type of security for the website. Its having anti-theft technology and offers the best security for the websites. Recently google has started pushing website owners to implement an SSL certificate on their site’s. It helps to build trust for the website and its mandatory nowadays. When you search for the fastest WordPress hosting, you have to check if the provider is offering free SSL certificate or not because SSL plays important role in the search engine optimization.

Mail Channels

Think that you are currently using shared hosting account for your site. Every single site is using the same shared server IP to route emails. One abuser can blacklist the server IP which impacts email delivery of the websites. Hence, its required to have mail channels to route email on the server instead of server IP. This ensures the best email delivery for the domains and avoid bounce backs.

Money Back Guarantee

Well anyone can show different features, make promises about the bla bla features of the hosting services. But users find difference with web services after spending few days. Then its require to have some type of protection for the clients like money back guarantee. This type of guarantee helps for refund and disputes. Think to have this feature in mind while choosing your web hosting provider for your valuable websites.

Free Migration

It is frustrating to keep running WordPress site with slow hosting provider. Its a time to find another hosting provider who is offering better features than the current hosting provider. In such cases you can sign up with the new provider and can ask them to migrate your website. This process will keep everything intact and updating new nameservers will help to resolve from new provider.

These all above factors helps to build best presence of WordPress site. It also helps to achieve maximum traffic and improves conversion rate too. Hostpoco understand these types of needs for WordPress sites, have designed the perfect fastest WordPress hosting plans for our clients. Take advantage of these more demanding and high performance WordPress hosting plans and deliver the best through your site.

Summary of Fastest WordPress Hosting

After going through this article you must have noticed that features are important for one WordPress site. We need to read every factor carefully at the time choosing of web hosting provider. Because site cant afford downtime or slowness once it started getting hits.

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