Best configuration for high-performance WordPress site

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To start with this topic about the best configuration for high-performance WordPress site. We need to understand few things and it will then help us to choose a hosting provider and things associated with a website. Also will get idea for high-performance WordPress Hosting

What is a website?

As we all know that a set of web pages forms one complete website and those pages are located under a single domain name. It can be categorized into some known types of website like individual, company, educational institution, government, organization, or industry. Some notable examples are,, Facebook, and

What is the domain name or website name?

Every website needs its unique name so that its presence can be visible on the world-wide-web. These website names are called domain names in technical language. And those names need to be available for registration and can register for a certain period with the domain registrar if it’s available. Domain registrars have the authority to register those names on the client’s behalf by taking some information from clients. Also, the client needs to pay registration charges for the registrar. All these registration processes controlled by a domain authority named ICANN(Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers).

What is web hosting?

Web hosting is an house of website where all files, pages lives. A good example to understand is if domain name is address of your home then webhosting is actual home. To understand the things technically web hosting is a service that helps you to publish website or its presence
on the internet. Web hosting service needs to purchase from web hosting providers, they will rent you some space or physical server where client can store their data and necessary files and which builds websites presence for peoples through its domain name.

What is web hosting provider ?

Website has its files and data which needs to be hosted on webspace or physical server and such web space service is rent out by web hosting providers. Such providers charge monthly or annual fees and committed to delivering service for a certain period. There are more known web hosting provider’s in the web hosting market. But most of just have marketing experts but never deliver quality service. The cheap hosting provider is hostpoco and they are experts in offering quality services yet at a reasonable price.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is one of the famous CMS (content management system) which is used for web publication purpose and it needs best resource hosting. It used to create beautiful websites or blogs. It’s the best and well-known flexible blogging application. WordPress is completely free, the client can simply download its setup, install it on the website, and can use it for the site. It offers multiple high resource generating plugins and features which helps to boost the website and can help to grow the site’s presence on the world wide web. Every hosting provider is now offering WordPress also you will find single click script installation with Hostpoco and high-performance WordPress Hosting

Some types of different websites:

  • Magazine websites: Type of website used to build/publish Magazines
  • E-commerce websites: Such type of website used for an online store where users buy/purchase products or services
  • Blogs: Discussion or informational website published for an online journal or informational topic.
  • Portfolio websites: Portfolio websites build for the purpose of gallery-like themes, designs, photos and much more
  • Landing pages: It is an type of website which are used to convert visitors into leads
  • Social media websites: Website type used to build social networks or social relationships
  • Directory and contact pages: It is website type use as online directory where different contract’s are get’s posted
  • Video Gallery: Such sites contents gallery of videos

Some known issues of WordPress sites :

WordPress sites are based on a content management system. Quality contents always boost website traffic and such sites suddenly start showing errors like bandwidth reached, Cloud Linux resource reached, 503 error, connection limit reached, site down, etc. It happens because some providers allocate limited resources, memory for the sites to maintain server load. It somehow affect growth of client’s website and regular such issue’s can impact revenue of domains and to avoid such issues best configuration is required.

What is the best configuration for high-performance WordPress site?

  • RAM or memory RAM play an important role for WordPress websites, minimum of 512MB or 1GB RAM is require to achieve the best online presence
  • Inode Limit – number of files hosted on the website. This also is one of the best factors, which needs to be considered while choosing a hosting provider. Minimum of 150000 inode is require to serve a quality WordPress site.
  • CPU Speed- CPU speed also key factors for WordPress sites, cloudlinux suppose to allocated or distribute 100% CPU speed equally for the hosted sites
  • Read & write operations limit (IO) – Limit which is use to execute read and write operations, its minimum needed 1024Kbps.
  • Max Number of Processes (NPROC)- Limit of processes which restricts website processes and lower limit can harm site. The minimum required is 100
  • Entry Process Limit (EP)– is an entry process limit and can cause issues if have multiple users one time on site. The minimum required is 20

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