How to Fix “Your Connection Is Not Private” Error for WordPress

Have you found error that “Your connection is not private” on your browser as you attempt to connect to your website? If yes, then you don’t have to be worried about it since it’s usually because of the browser and any issues with connection.

In this article, you’ll be able to learn about the various possible causes and possible solutions to this issue. Most of them involve modifications locally to your internet browser, network and your computer’s settings.

Your Connection Is Not Private

Different Methods to Solve the “Your Connection is Not Private” Error

Suppose someone notices an error in the website’s connection and doubts their SSL certificate. But that’s not always the situation.

Reload the page

When your hosting provider reconnects with an SSL certificate, however, your browser can’t identify it right away. It’s therefore recommended to refresh the page several times.

This is the easiest solution that is effective in certain instances.

Clear the Browser’s Cache and Browsing Data

Its a browser which detect changes but cannot display them due to their caches and history for browsing, it is necessary to delete the cache and history.

This issue usually occurs when it is a problem with Google Chrome. If you’d like to do it, you may also delete cookies. Note that once you have cleared cookies, you’ll be locked out of all websites and must log in to the site again.

To remove cache from your browser within Chrome to clear cache in Chrome, follow these steps

Click on the three dots in the upper right corner, and navigate to History.

Select the Clear Browsing Data option on the left.

Click the checkboxes under the Basic tab to clean your browser cache and cookies. Or click the Advanced tab for additional options.

From the Time drop menu, choose All time.

Use the Incognito Mode

If you’re not sure if you wish to clean your browser’s cache or browse history it is possible to use its incognito feature. It doesn’t save any history or caches when you use this setting.

To start Incognito Mode, click here. Incognito Mode in Google Chrome Press CTRL+SHIFT+N.

You can also click the three dots on the upper right corner of the screen and then click on an option to open the New Incognito Window button. Try opening your URL, and then check whether it’s working or not.

Check the Antivirus You Have

In many instances, it is an antivirus responsible for blocking you from accessing a website. There is no one website, you could be faced with issues when accessing any.

Therefore, the most effective way to find out if your antivirus is causing issues or not is to disable it. Disable the antivirus clean your browser’s cache, and attempt to connect to your website.

Click on the Unsafe Site

If you encounter a “Your connection is not private” error, you’ll have the option of clicking”Advanced “Advanced”, which lets you access a risky version of the website.

Only use this if it’s your website. If you’re trying access to other’s sites, it’s not an excellent idea as there could be harmful content or similar to it.

Avoid Using Public Wi-Fi

If you attempt to access an online site while in a cafe or an airport and connect to Wi-Fi that is available in public areas there’s a chance that you’ll encounter an error. It’s because public networks typically use HTTP. When you go to an online site with SSL in it, the data might not be secure, and you’ll see an error.

Additionally, it’s not safe for your data. Utilizing Wi-Fi in public places is not a wise choice.


There are many different browsers to choose from. However, Google Chrome is one of those that display this “Your connection is not private” error. Sometimes, switching the browser can be an excellent idea.

You can use Opera, Firefox, and Safari. I’m sure you’ve solved this issue using the above steps.

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