How To Get Free Web Hosting?

There are very few hosting providers in the market who are offering Free Web Hosting with cPanel. Also, it is a tough task to find the reliable one from those few. Most free hosting providers are posting Ads or other marketing stuff on the hosted sites and promote themselves.

It should be a beneficial deal if you find cPanel based Web Hosting without ads. We want to introduce the famous, reliable, and promising Free Hosting plan of HostPoco.

HostPoco is offering cPanel free hosting with 200MB Space and 200MB bandwidth. This limit is suitable for all types of Websites. The beginners can take advantage of this plan and can start their website just for free. Most of the clients have been using these services for years and have no complaints yet. This is cPanel based web hosting plan and has some unique features.

Free Hosting suits for below hosting types

  • Website Hosting
  • Image Hosting
  • PHP Hosting
  • WordPress Hosting
  • Email Hosting
  • File Hosting

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Special Features of the Free Startup plan

1 Click Installer

In the trending online world, it is important to have an automated hosting plan for the hosting needs. The FREE Startup plan comes with a single-click script installer. The client can also handle script update easily from the Softaculous script installer. It allows taking manual backups before the upgrade. This install also sends upgrade emails after regular intervals.

Sitepad Site Builder

The free plan has the site builder “Sitepad” included with the Free Startup plan. Sitepad is easy to use but powerful site builder tool. It has many useful features and tools, and one can build a website easily with Sitepad builder’s help. The hosting clients can design their website with the drag n drop feature of this builder.

Maximum Space And Bandwidth

The Free Startup plan comes with 200MB of space and bandwidth. This limit is sufficient for small business/personal websites. All types of CMS scripts can be installed easily within this allowed limit. Most of our clients are using this for WordPress scripts.

Easy Upgrade System

At the start, users can go with Free Hosting. We offer an upgrade facility with a Free Startup plan. Let’s say you are now reached to disk space limit, and the website is also improving performance. Then we suggest for plan upgrade for such cases. This motivates beginners, and they go for the desired plan depending on their site presence and performance.

Our paid plan is also much cheaper than others. Our Pro plan has Unlimited space, unlimited bandwidth, and a double domain hosting feature. Its resources almost get 300% after upgrading From free start to Pro plan. We handle upgrades easily, and there is no downtime as the same plan will get upgraded to a higher limit.

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Your search skills always help you to find better deals. Free Web Hosting with cPanel is undoubtedly the best deal for beginners. It is also allowing easy upgrades after getting familiar with the hosting things.

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