Imunify360: Take Your Websites’ Security Protection to the Next Level

We’re starting the new year with an erupting. We’re constantly pushing the boundariesand substantial enhancements in security, stability and Performance are in the coming weeks. Along with our long-standing partner from CloudLinux which is the creator of the most stable and secure operating system used by hosting providers We’re striving to make the servers of HostPoco more secure, stable and profitable.


Through the years, we’ve conducted tests and implemented several of their main products. When Imunify360 was launched in the last few years, we wanted to try it out. Today, we’re pleased to announce that we’ve completed the implementation of Imunify360 across every one of the Hostpoco server hosting shared with us, ensuring maximum security for the shared hosting clients of all kinds.

Learn About Recent Phishing Attacks

How will this affect You?

Before we get into the technical specifics and the technical details, let us briefly discuss the reasons for us to move into this transition. For those who aren’t aware of our system, we’ve used BitNinja to create an integrated suite of software to safeguard servers from threats to their security on various protocols for over 3 years. We have seen amazing net results, particularly in the area of stopping malicious traffic.

Thanks to the modular system we were able to ward off a multitude of possible malware, unwanted bots as well as malicious attacks. Additionally, the load was minimal, and we have saved a significant amount servers that can be utilized efficiently and with legitimate operation by all of our clients.

We’ve looked into Imunify360 numerous times on over 20 (20) servers to test. The most significant benefit we discovered apart from its malware detection (which is truly amazing) is that the requests are blocked in a way that is more suited to our particular conditions and requirements. While Imunify360’s firewall is able to block attacks against the server however, it also checks for any changes made on the servers’ file system. If it detects malware when it is uploaded onto the server, it’ll block it to stop infections.

But, when malware is uploaded any manner or way, it will be blocked by Web Application Firewall will not let it execute. In the meantime it’s Antivirus module will be able to scan and block it right away and completely remove all trace of it off the web server.

Discover Imunify360

Imunify360 is the next-generation multilayer security suite designed to provide proactive, real-time security and protection of websites specifically for Linux web servers, developed exclusively by CloudLinux. It’s more than just antivirus or WAF. It employs a sophisticated six-layer strategy to give you full protection against threats such as distributed brute force attacks as well as zero-day attacks.

Imunify360 integrates the following components: an Intrusion prevention and detection System that includes it also includes a Web Application Firewall, Real-time Antivirus protection as well as an Network Firewall, and Patch Management components. The system is powered by AI technology that continuously gathers and analyzes an enormous amount of data on the latest attacks across the globe to ensure that you profit from it immediately.

Imunify360 Security for Your Website

Security is the top priority for hosting and we will ensure that every precaution is taken to safeguard your website as well as your data. It’s among the major reasons that customers choose us over other hosting providers and we’ve proved it repeatedly. Imunify360’s hands-off automated system, coupled with all-in-one security that includes herd protection has really caught our interest. Knowing that an attacker’s IP are easily shared across all servers using Imunify360 allows us to prevent attacks before they begin.

Protection Against Web Spam and Bad Bots

Imunify360 stops all bots that are malicious that attack your site and malicious requests like password-guessing distributed brute-force attacks vulnerabilities scanning, upload of malware and many more. It will also block registrations by bots as well as SPAM posts on your website.

Scans for Malware-infected Files

There are many factors that can cause websites to be targeted by malware. The most frequently cited causes are listed below:

Outdated scripts

Obsolete or obsolete scripts are usually attacked by malware due to an insecurity hole within the script. For instance, with Content Management systems (CMS) like WordPress You should constantly upgrade the plugins, core and themes in order to fix any vulnerabilities in security.

scripts that are pirated or untrustworthy sources – do not use scripts that are illegally downloaded or pirated since the majority of them contain malware. If they are used for hosting or on a website the malware is likely to be spread to other hosting and websites. With FastGuard your account will be completely separate from all other clients within the CloudLinux exclusive virtual environment.

Vulnerable scripts or plugins/themes/modules

Many scripts on the internet are poorly written, and because of that, they are a regular target of attackers. To prevent this you should read the reviews posted by people who have used the script before deploying it on your site. Keep a mind note that some scripts that are custom written specifically for a particular hosting service could not be compatible with other hosting providers.

Malware Scanner can detect and clean up harmful web-shells and malicious injections from databases and files to ensure that websites are operational. One-click cleanup, prevention of infection recurrence and detailed reports of the actions that were performed.

Outdated CMS Like WordPress and Plugins Are Not an Issue Anymore

A majority of Hostpoco clients utilize WordPress. The security risks that come with running old software could cause serious problems for customers and their servers when the account gets compromised.

Imunify360 is a subset components that offer real-time virtual as well as physical patching of vulnerable software through KernelCare, HardenedPHP, WAF as well as WAF, and the Proactive Defense components. The additional security Imunify360 offers helps us to protect the most valuable assets of our clients and websites.

Reputation Management

Imunify360 analyzes different sources to determine whether your website or IP is blocked by any blacklists , and informs you of the results. If you don’t monitor your site’s reputation, you could not know about blacklisting for weeks , or months, which could be detrimental to your business. Google removes websites from blacklisting and delists websites from their search results when they’re infected by malware. Imunify360 can identify that.

Near-zero False Positives

Administrators who depend in their monitor software can trust the software to provide exact data. The primary goal of surveillance software is to minimize false positives. Any monitoring or analytics software which isn’t trusted will incur no value, and can also increase the burden on administrators.

Imunify360 works hard to leave the smallest footprint possible, continuously improving their modules and analyzing false-positive rates when there is a problem.

How can I benefit from Imunify360

Imunify360 is currently operational with our servers for Shared Hosting. As our customers are not required to do anything. The system functions as you would expect and all the modules that it has work to safeguard you.


CloudLinux has revolutionized how hosted services are managed and we’ve always been a strong trusted in the products that Imunify360’s team behind Imunify360 has created. Automated security solutions and the continual learning Imunify360 collects information from servers around the world is certain to increase our clients’ security. This will also provide that they get the best hosting experience clients can get, and more confidence knowing that their services are as safe as they are.

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