Learn About Lets Encrypt SSL and its installation!

Security on the internet has grown in the last few years, mainly because of the trust certificates. Certificates verify that the site you are on does not contain malware, and using the HTTPS protocol, you can be sure that all sensitive data is secured.

Introduction of Lets Encrypt Free SSL

We want to announce that the feature of Let’s Encrypt SSL is available on all our shared and reseller servers. Also, it is available for all our DC locations. It is accessible when you log into your cPanel and then navigating through the security section or just typing “Lets Encrypt” in the search box.


Lets Encrypt is a free and open certificate authority service offered through the Internet Security Research Group (ISRG). The primary objective of the project is to offer on-demand domain-validated certificates. And help make the internet an even more secure place. The backing of supporters such as Cisco Systems, the Mozilla Foundation, Akamai, and Cisco Systems further increases the trustworthiness and the success rate that the program has. The most significant benefits offered by the project are:

  • Anyone who has a domain name can avail of the service to receive an authentic certificate for no cost.
  • The service enhances security online by allowing more websites to demonstrate that they are reliable.
  • Configuration and renew process is automatically done, which makes “Lets Encrypt” easy to utilize by any person.
  • Certificates are available to anyone to view, which ensures complete transparency.

As an HostPoco user, you are now able to create and set up Lets Encrypt certificates right from the cPanel control panel, without filling in any details at just a click. Select the domain or subdomain you would like to cover with a certificate and then click on the issue button beside it.


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Issue Your SSL Certificate

You can have unlimited certificates set up on your account for every domain and subdomain that you would like to. The brand fresh Lets Encrypt certificate comes with an expiration date of 90 days, but it will renew automatically until you cancel it using an interface on the cPanel interface.

Still most of the users preferred to use Paid SSL to have higher security encryption for their domains. This means, you can buy Paid SSL subscription for the SSL like Rapid SSL, Positive SSL if you need more security for your sites than lets encrypt free SSL. You can easily buy the same from HostPoco Client Area.

For more details about the project, including more information about Encrypt project and the way it works, go to their official website.

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