Meet The 8 Popular Search Engines in the World

Are you looking for answers to the question “Which is the best restaurant near me?” You should first ask your teammates, friends or family members and so on.

Yet I’m pretty certain that you’d say”wait I’ll “Google it.” You will get a number in results.. Finally you’ll pick one!

It’s that our entire day begins and is completed with Google. Do we really want to call it our”best friend?” Maybe? A better friend than I’m not sure!

It’s true that Google is among the most searched-for search engines on the planet. It’s brimming with many information and contents. There is a variety of other Google search engine that we’re not aware of.

In this article, we’ll get to know the top 10 search engines around the world.

Read on and learn more details!

Meet The 8 Popular Search Engines in the World

Learn about the 8 Popular Search Engines in the World

We’ll start with the first!

1 Google

Do we really need the introduction of Google? Absolutely not! Google doesn’t require an introduction. It’s true, Google, where we get information as well as browse content. We also get the best web hosting services as well as read blogs, discover the closest restaurants and play online games and much more!

Google is among the most well-known and top search engines! It is the undisputed supreme of the web with a percentage of 92% all users across the globe. That’s why it has the top spot!

Google was established on the 28th of October 1998 Larry Page and Sergey Brin. Through the years it has grown exponentially and it’s now difficult to define the size of Google. The majority of revenue comes from Google Ads. What is what makes Google so well-known is the outcome it provides to you in every type of search.

You can filter results by tabs such as videos, news, images pictures, books and finance, among others. In addition, it comes with an intuitive user interface. It is also possible to search using voice, which is another amazing feature that Google provides.

Let me share an interesting information that is sure to be a source of laughter: the name Google originated of the phrase “Googol.” Indeed, Google is certainly the King of search engines!

2 Bing

Following Google, Bing is yet another popular and second-largest engine worldwide. We can call it a formidable rival to the major search engine massive Google.

Bing is a major player with 8.04 percent market and is primarily owned and operated by Microsoft. It has many of the same features as Google such as It filters search results into different tabs like images, videos news maps, travel and an amazing homepage.

Bing is simple to use and offers an incredible visual experience thanks to stunning background photos that change every now and then.

3 Yahoo

Do you recall you used Yahoo email to communicate with colleagues? Of course there was a time when Yahoo was a popular choice for work. Yahoo Search engine appeared a big deal online. However, as time has passed changes have occurred.

Yahoo is currently the third most used search engine on the web following Google. It was created in 1994 by Jerry Yang and David Filo in 1994. It’s among the oldest bands that’s on the list.

In addition to the search engines Yahoo is also a provider of other options like email, Yahoo news, directory sport, Yahoo answers, etc.


It was founded in 1995. was earlier was known as Ask Jeeves. Ask search is based on the format of question and answer. It is in the leading 10 of the most popular search engines around the globe.

It is possible to ask questions and get responses on the same topic from other users or in shape of polls. This makes it extremely user-friendly, particularly for those who are not as familiar with search engines.

Additionally, it’s a very most popular site for children who have questions about their studies. Search results also display the most frequently asked questions in relation to the search query. Today, the majority of’s results are powered by Google.

5 Duck Duck Go

Are you concerned about the security of your personal information? DuckDuckGo the search engine the perfect choice for you! It is designed to secure your information and protects you from targeted advertisements. This is the reason why it is able to different among other websites.

DuckDuckGo is known for its slogan “Privacy, simplified.” It doesn’t store, track or gather any information that you type into the internet. Your information is safe in every way and the user experience is incredibly pleasant and easy to use.

When it comes to the design that comes with Duck Duck Go, it’s extremely clean and only has one search page, making it much easier to use over others search engines. DuckDuckGo is the ideal option for those who are concerned about privacy.

6 Naver

Introducing the Google of South Korea, Naver! Naver is one of the most popular and well-used Search engines used in Korea. Naver was first created in 1999 and was the first online portal in Korea.

It now provides many options, including an encyclopedia, the search engine designed for kids, email client, and many more. It is evident that this search engine is extremely loved across Korea and has a huge potential to grow internationally.

7 Baidu

The next one on the list is Baidu founded in 2022. Baidu is essentially an Chinese search engine that has millions of users and more than 70 percent of the internet market. This implies that Chinese users rely on the search engine quite a bit!

Baidu is pretty much like the interface of Chrome. It has the videos, news and images section. Additionally, Baidu has a website that is similar to Wikipedia. Baidu is accessible to users around the globe but only accessible for the Chinese language.

8 Yandex

Another search engine that is popular included on our list of search engines is Yandex It is used extensively in Russia. It is home to about 60% of the market share of Russia.

You’ll have the same experience of searching as Google as well as Bing. Furthermore, Yandex offers other services including traffic maps, videos music, and much more. It’s a good thing that it also offers a feature known as family-friendly search when children use Yandex as a search engine.


I hope you’ve been enjoying the top 8 search engines around the globe. With numerous search engines to pick from, you have numerous options to find the information and content you require on the internet.

In the end, Google has a powerful program. It is also possible to test one of other engines listed above. Yes, all are Google’s friends.

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