How to move Website from one host to another?

This is a regular question in the mind of users who trapped into bad hosting providers. Its been always a great idea to move a website from one host to another if regular downtimes are affecting your valuable site. The fact is if your current web host is not giving what you need for your business growth, it might be time to shift to a better provider. Transferring the site to another provider is not a hard task and fairly easy if you take the right steps.


Apart from technical errors, there can be other factors too behind such moves. Price and features can be those factors that can force deciding to move. So trying to figure out how to move website from one host to another without breaking anything, causing downtime, or any other issues that could have hurt your SEO results? Then this topic will guide with the correct way to handle this.

Automated way Of move website from one host to another:

Website owners can pick such as web hosting provider who can offer free website migration from the current hosting provider to their services. Such migrations are part of the automated website move and performed with the help control panel to control panel copy-move option using current hosting providers login details.

Web hosting is a very competitive industry — hosting companies are doing all promises they can to win new customers. Many hosting companies, provide free website migration service to new as well as old customers. All you need to do is request a migration after signing up with the new hosting provider and their support team will take care of the migration using the remote server login details.

Steps involved with automated free website migration:

  • Find out reliable, and cheap SSD hosting provider
  • Make sure that the control panel i.e. cPanel is offered with a new hosting provider
  • Confirm if they are offering free website migration support
  • Compare pricing, resources, features of current and new hosting provider
  • Cross check cancellation and refund policy
  • Cross check reviews of new provider on third party sites

You can go with a new provider if you find satisfactory answers for the above options and get in touch through support requests for the further procedure.

Manual way of move website from one host to another:

In some cases, that may be clients wish to go with such providers who are having a different control panel than the current hosting provider. E.g., a current hosting provider is having Plesk panel, whereas, client wishes to go with cPanel as control panel. This type of move involves manual migration or some hosting providers may offer manual help too. Such type of migration involves the below factors which client can consider and can search for the hosting provider which match with below requirement:

  • Sign up for a new hosting provider which matches with your requirement
  • Save, your website’s files hosted with the current provider and try to make zip or tar file of it
  • Export your database either from phpmyadmin, shell prompt
  • Create a new database at a new hosting provider and import the old saved db database of remote host from phpmyadmin or from shell
  • Modify your website’s configuration files, so that new database connection can be established
  • Upload other relevant files or directories of the website through ftp or file manager
  • Test your website either using temp url or from localhost

Nameserver changes after move website from one host to another:

The last part of this task is updating nameservers of the new hosting provider for the domain at domain registrar. Nameserver changes take’s 8/12 hours for the domain propagation and site will start loading with new provider after this timeframe.


Move of a website from one host to another is a fairly easy task. It can be managed with the help of hosting provider or outsource. You can also find the cheap SSD hosting plans at Hostpoco. Hostpoco is committed to help with complete website migration from one host to our services.

Thank you.

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