How to perform an MTR test on a Windows Device?

MTR can be described as a traceroute program which tests connections between networks or the path that connects your location on the earth and the hosting server. By combining the functions of traceroute and ping it allows you to continually check the status of a remote server and observe how speed and latency changes with time.

how to perform an MTR test on a Windows Device?

Ping Tool

Ping is perhaps the most popular tool used to test the network connectivity between devices. It operates through communicating ICMP echo requests (ICMP code 8 type 8 zero) by the transmitter to receiver, and in the event that the receiver is accessible then it will reply by sending ICMP echo response packets (ICMP type zero code 0.).

It is important to remember that ping isn’t always precise – a firewall could be in the way between the sender’s computer and the receiver and could be blocking ICMP packets. So the fact that hosts do not respond to ICMP doesn’t mean that it is not available.

Steps to Perform MTR Test on Windows

To perform MTR testing to be conducted on Windows you’ll have to install WinMTR. which you may download here.

After installation, open WinMTR.

The Host field type in the name of the domain or IP address you wish to trace and click the Start button.

Allow it to run for 30 seconds or longer then press the stop button.

Copy or export the results as text, or HTML format, and then forward it to us via email, so that we can look at it on your behalf, as well as your IP address public.