What is the difference between shared hosting and reseller hosting?

What’s the Difference Between Shared Hosting and Reseller Hosting?


Shared Hosting

A shared hosting account typically has a single username to access the hosting account and data. It is possible to add multiple websites/domains to a shared hosting account, depending on which plan you select. However, you only need one login to access this hosting account. You can add additional websites/domains as sub-domains, addon domains, or parked domains.

If you have one website, a business website or a small number of websites, shared hosting plans can be a great choice. It is important to remember that shared hosting accounts are assigned specific resources, such as CPU, Memory, Processes, etc. Each additional website on a shared hosting account will be able to share these resources with other websites/domains.

Two major downsides to multiple websites located under the same hosting account, such as addon domains and parked domains, are performance and security. Each website on the same hosting account will have to share the resources with all addon domains. This is called performance. If you have 10 websites and your hosting account has 2GB of memory, each website could potentially compete for their memory. Security is important. If one of your add-on domains, sub-domains, or parked domains is compromised, this could put all your shared hosting accounts at risk. All websites are running under the same user account. Reseller web hosting is recommended for multiple websites.

Resellers Hosting

Reseller hosting allows account holders to use a control panel called Web Host Manager, or “WHM”, to manage multiple cPanel accounts. These solutions are ideal for website owners, web developers and those looking to resell hosting. By creating multiple cPanel account accounts, you can remove some of the security and performance concerns mentioned above. You can also separate your websites into their own cPanel account. Each account will be assigned its own resources, username/password and system user account.

Reseller web hosting has the added benefit of allowing you to use these abilities

Additional DNS Zone Modification
Allowed to use private/branded nameservers
Maximum Number of cPanel Accounts
Free Site Builder

Reseller plans offer the greatest benefit of being able to separate websites from their own cPanel accounts. This is what we recommend for managing multiple websites. This is particularly important if your company/business plans to offer services or if you intend to host websites for customers.

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Shared web hosting works best for one website, but it can also be used in some cases. Reseller hosting is for people who want to host multiple websites for clients or customers.