What are SERP Positions and why are they important?

It’s a question we hear often and SERP positions play the main role in SEO (search engine optimization). So, cutting straight to the point – what are SERP Positions, and why are they important?

SERPs aka ‘Search Engine Result Pages‘ are the pages in Google which display results for your search queries online. SERP positions pages display a combination of paid adverts and organic results. Paid adverts (always available at the top and right-hand side of the page with a yellow ‘ad’ or ‘sponsored’ button next to them) and organic results.


SERP positions have put the positions a website holds in organic search. Your SERP position will be at the first page if your website is optimized well. Generally, the number one spot counted and results under any paid adverts.

Organic Results

As said earlier, SERP Positions are of two types content organic results and paid results. Organic results are the web pages listings that appear as results of the search engines algorithm. SEO experts specialize in optimizing web content and websites to rank highly in organic search results.

Paid Results

In contrast to organic results, paid results are those that have been paid to be displayed by an advertiser or sponsor. In the past, paid results were small type and limited up to text ads only that were typically displayed above and to the right of the organic results on search results.

Today, however, a wide range of forms takes with paid results, and there are dozens of ad formats that cater to the needs of advertisers.

Ranking Signals and Search Algorithms

Organic results are the listing that has indexed by the search engines. Its based on a number of factors knows as ranking signals.

Eg. the search algorithm used by Google features hundreds of ranking factors. Nobody outside of Google knows precisely what are those, some are thought to be more important than others.

Earlier the link profile of a site – the number of external links that link to a specific website or web page from other websites – was an important ranking signal.

It still is to some extent (which is why Wikipedia ranks so prominently in organic results), though search advances at such a rapid pace that ranking signals that were once crucial to the search algorithm may be less important today, a source of constant frustration to SEO experts.

SERP Position Results Checker

There is one best and reputed SERP position checker or tracker. You can use to track the position of your website results or keywords. Kindly visit the below URL, insert website name and your keywords :


SEO & SERP positions

SEO is a service that focuses on increasing a website’s organic SERP positions for a targeted set of keywords. It helps to find your website easily on the world wide web.

This involves a combination of on-page optimization, regular content reached creation, and authority building through reputable backlinks. To have good SERP positions for high-volume traffic searches is vital to ensure your website is found easily for the right searches on search engines. SERP Positions directly affect the presence of the website and its business.

SEO Tools

Multiple providers have developed SEO automated tools and such tools or checkers help beginners to handle SEO tasks easily. Also, hosting control panels also come with SEO tools plugins which give an idea about managing the SEO of the website. Hostpoco offers SEO tools with hosting cpanel and it’s free for all our web hosting clients.

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