What are the different types of Shell Access Modes available in WHM?

Shell is a user-interface that allow users to connect to an operating system by using either a command line interface or Graphical User Interface. Shell Access is available by default with most of hosting provider for the segments shared hosting, Virtual Private Servers and dedicated servers.

Shells are a user interface to access the operating system’s features. There are three kinds of Shell Access Modes available in WHM. They are Normal Shell, Jailed Shell, and Disabled Shell. The

Normal Shell

The normal shell allows the user access to the shell at any time without restrictions.

Jailed Shell

cPanel and WHM both use VirtFS to offer a jailed shell that allows users to connect to servers via SSH. The jailed environment acts as a container to the user, and doesn’t allow users to access home directories belonging to other users within the server. Jailed shell blocks the user’s ability to execute certain commands that could be harmful on the server. This increases the security of the server’s other functions.

Disabled Shell

Disabled shell prevents users access to the shell.

How do I modify Shell Access?


To change the user’s Shell access, you’ll need to visit WHM

  • Search for option named Manage Shell Access under Account Functions
  • Find the exact user for which you wish to enable SSH Access
  • Choose exact SSH type available in front of exact user
  • Select It and it will auto save

You can provide exact SSH port to your client, can ask them to make ssh connection by using their cPanel login details.