What is Web Hosting? Hosting explained for beginners

Web hosting is a service that makes your site’s content available on the internet. If you buy hosting that you rent space on a physical server in order to save all the site’s data and files.

Web hosting providers offer the resources and technology required to ensure the safe and effective operation of your site. They are accountable to keep the server running and operational and implementing security measures and making sure that information like images, texts as well as other files are successfully transferred to browsers of visitors.

In this post, you’ll find out the what is web hosting and how it functions and what are the different kinds of hosting services available.

What is Web Hosting? How Does It Do It?

The server hosting your site is a computer in physical form that is running continuously to keep your website accessible to visitors at all times.

If a user type in the domain name into the address bar of their browser, the server of the service provider will download all the files needed to load your site.

It is possible to host a website on your own, but this requires a lot of technical knowledge. Self-hosting is the process of creating and configuring a website server starting from scratch, which includes the infrastructure, equipment as well as the hardware and software. In addition, you’ll be in charge of all regular maintenance.

A hosting service ensures that your website is operating at its best and is protected by more secure protocols. Furthermore, it helps simplify the numerous complexities of hosting a website , from installation of software to technical assistance.

Different types of Hosting Services

With a variety of hosting options to choose from it isn’t easy to decide which is ideal for your website.

The majority of web hosts provide hosting packages to suit different kinds of clients ranging from webmasters of business websites to bloggers who want to create personal blogs.

It is recommended to start with the most basic hosting plan. As your website grows in users, you can move to a higher-end plan.

Let’s examine some of the well-known types of hosting options available.

Free Web Hosting

Free Web Hosting is the type of hosting, which decides with the purpose to make peoples aware about the hosting and control panel related things. It is very basic form of shared hosting. You can find best free web hosting plan with Hostpoco, where 200MB space and bandwidth are offered. Also, available for easy upgrades.


  • cPanel as control panel
  • 200MB Space and Bandwidth
  • Lifetime Free Web Hosting Service
  • Easy upgrades are available.


  • Takes time for manual validation and activation
  • Involves mandatory review for lifetime free hosting

Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is evaluated based on its price (low) and performance (medium) technical know-how (low) in addition to server monitoring (low).

Through shared hosting, several users use the server resources, which include processing power, memory, along with storage space.

Due to its ease of use and low cost, shared web hosting can be an ideal choice for small as well as personal sites that don’t require complex configuration or greater bandwidth. Thus the shared hosting option is a great option for those who are just starting out and need cheap hosting for their first time.


  • Affordable, perfect for small-scale sites
  • No technical expertise is required.
  • Server options that are pre-configured
  • It is not necessary to manage maintenance and administration of servers.


  • Very little access to server configuration
  • A rise in traffic from other websites could affect the speed of your site

Virtual Private Server (VPS) Hosting

VPS hosting is evaluated based on its price (medium-low) and performance (medium-high) and technical know-how (high) as well as server management (high).

This hosting type means that your website shares the same physical server as other users. However, the web host makes an virtual partition to each individual user. Therefore, websites hosted on virtual private servers receive an allocation of resources.

The VPS hosting service is a fantastic alternative for medium-sized websites as well as eCommerce stores and big blogs that have a increasing number of users.


  • Space dedicated to servers
  • Traffic from other sites will not affect the performance of your website
  • Access to root on the server
  • High Customizability


  • Users require technical expertise to handle it
  • Although it’s reasonably priced but some users might have engage a developer to manage the server virtual, which can increase the overall cost.

Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting is evaluated based on its price (medium) and performance (high) technical expertise (low) in addition to server monitoring (medium-low).

This hosting service makes use of several virtual servers that host websites. So, if one server has an issue or has a lot of traffic one server is affected, the other servers will be able to take over and keep the website’s functioning.

Because cloud hosting is dependent on a network of web servers and operate, companies with multiple websites as well as large-scale websites like eCommerce shops will benefit the most because it offers little to any downtime.


  • Lower chance of hardware failure or downtime
  • Utilizes load balancing to manage the high volume of traffic and to prevent DDoS attacks
  • Scalability – your site does not have to be limited by the resources of one server


  • Root access may not be granted
  • It’s higher priced than VPS and shared hosting.

WordPress Hosting

WordPress hosting was evaluated in accordance with its price (low) and performance (medium) technical expertise (low) as well as server management (low).

This type of service gives you an optimized WordPress server environment to ensure that your site loads quicker and avoid potential problems. However, other forms of web hosting are still available for sites that are built on the popular CMS. (CMS).

Usually, WordPress hosting plans come with features like pre-installed themes, plug-ins to help with core functions like security and caching, and other tools.


  • Affordable and for beginners.
  • Optimized performance of WordPress websites.
  • Customer support team is trained on WordPress issues
  • The pre-installed WordPress theme and plug-ins


  • It isn’t the ideal form of hosting option for non-WordPress websites.

Dedicated Hosting

The evaluation of dedicated hosting is based on its price (high) and performance (medium-high) and technical know-how (high) and control of servers (high).

This kind of hosting allocates an actual server to each website. This lets you configure the server, select the desired operating system and program as well as customize the overall hosting environment to meet your needs.

The benefits of renting a dedicated server are exactly as effective as having your own server on site however, it comes with the advantage of having expert support from your web hosting provider. This makes dedicated hosting perfect for large-scale online businesses which have a lot of traffic.


  • Total management of the configuration on your server
  • High-quality and reliable
  • Access to the root server


  • More geared toward large companies
  • The technical and management of servers is essential.

How do you choose the best web hosting service provider?

If your website expands and expands, you may require more bandwidth, storage space and other resources. In this scenario, you might think about switching to a more modern hosting service like Cloud hosting, or VPS.

So, ensure that the service provider provides an array of web hosting options so you are able to upgrade at any time. There are a variety of things to take into consideration when deciding between different hosting companies.

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Control Panel

If you have a control panel for hosting that you can use to manage your hosting account without needing login to the server. Therefore, it’s best to choose web hosts that have an intuitive user interface to users of all levels to use.

Our cPanel allows you to control your file, make complete backups and add related applications on your site – swiftly and effectively.

Web Host’s uptime

Because of poor maintenance or unstable web servers, frequent or unexpected downtimes can severely impact your company’s and the trust of your customers. Therefore, make sure the hosting provider you select is uptime compliant with the assurance they offer.

A guarantee of uptime and fair terms of service demonstrate the dedication of hosting companies to ensure that their systems are functioning.

Technical Specifications

Apart from selecting a host with sufficient storage capacity and processing power as well as bandwidth, you need to consider other features to make your website more efficient.

HostPoco is a cloud-based hosting company. HostPoco our servers run using CloudLinux and we also use LiteSpeed technologies to speed up the process.

Online Reviews

Review of hosting websites that offer in-depth details on different hosting providers for web hosting. The majority of online reviews contain details about the uptime and speed, which means you’ll be able to observe how the server of the company actually work.


Make sure that the service provider has advanced security measures to protect your website from malware and DDoS attacks.

These could include access management and malware detection, as well as automated backups and updates.

24/7 Customer Support is available 24/7.

24/7 technical or customer support can be helpful in the event that your website is experiencing sudden lags or crashes. It can also be helpful in case of security issues. Make sure that the hosting provider offers support resources, such as tutorials or knowledge bases.

Additional Services

A quality hosting plan can provide great value for money, especially If it includes no-cost add-ons or features like the SSL certificate, business email account or the Content Delivery Network (CDN).

What is the difference between Web Hosting and Domain Name?

Once you’ve decided on the location to store your website’s files The next step in establishing your site is to conduct the search for a domain name and then buy a domain. Domain names serve as the digital identity of your website that allows users to access the website.

A domain name is typically comprised of a name for a website and a domain extension , such for .com, .org, .net or .xyz.

A domain as well as a hosting account can be bought from the same or other companies. Many hosting firms, including HostPoco provide domain registrations as well.

To begin, you must select a name and then check for availability.

Domain Name Checker

Instantly verify domain name availability.

Enter your desired domain name

When you have found an unusual domain name, you can register it through an online domain registrar. If it’s not from the same company that you picked to host the site, purchase an hosting plan and then point the domain name in the same way.

Alternately, purchasing an hosting plan that offers domain registration for free is a less expensive and easier option.

If you’re unhappy with the service offered, you may transfer your site to a different hosting provider. Make sure the new host is compatible with your website’s framework.


There’s a lot to consider that goes into creating a new website, from how to design it and where it should be hosted.

It’s a business website, an online blog or blog, or any other kind of site the first step in developing the online reputation of your site is to sign to sign up for hosting accounts. Hosting is the solution that lets your website be online.

Understanding the fundamentals regarding web hosting as well as the various types of web hosting services can assist you in finding the most cost-effective and reliable option for your site.

If you are looking at various hosting and services Keep your requirements in mind. You can then look at the pros and cons of each firm.

If you have any additional concerns about hosting, please don’t hesitate to leave us an email or comment below. You can also contact our customer service team 24/7.