What to Do when Your Email is Judged to be Spam by the Internet Community

host smtp.secureserver.net said:
This message has been rejected due to content judged to be spam by the internet community IB212

If you receive an email that bounces back with the error message above, it is likely that the person you wish to email has his email hosted by GoDaddy. As their “smtp.secureserver.net” server handles millions of mail accounts, they have to set up custom rules and spam filters that reject some emails automatically.

The error message in itself indicates that a part of the content or subject has been classified as spam from GoDaddy customers. After enough complaints were collected, the text that GoDaddy’s users deemed spam, was entered into the spam blocker on GoDaddy’s servers.

Be aware that GoDaddy is not bound by any obligation and most likely will not reveal the offensive text that has your email marked as spam, but you can check it your email’s subject by altering the wording line of your email or rephrasing the message. The recommendation of GoDaddy in this instance is “check your list of senders to make sure you’re only sending your mail to people who have chosen to subscribe to receive your emails”.

Because GoDaddy hasn’t released any details on the specific filters they employ and what they think constitutes spam, we can’t be at your disposal in determining the reason. It is always a good idea to contact the person you wish to communicate with and inform them to contact customer support about what the problem is. Contacting GoDaddy directly isn’t the best option in this situation since If you’re not their client They have the option to deny your request.