Why Domain name needed for hosting accounts?

When it comes about the online presence of business or entity then first thing comes in mind is Website. Website is the identity of the concept which comes in reality. Website needs few things which have to consider before start.

First and main thing required is the domain name in simple name of the website. So user suppose to decide the name of the website/domain and needs to purchase with the domain registrar. Second part required is web hosting, when we start website then it contents few pages eg home page, about us, contact us etc such pages needs to be hosted at the server which is connected with the world wide web. In short its required to have Hosting service with respect to make connection on the world wide web through the domain name. Hosting can be used for the mailing task too.

Hosting also have multiple types like shared hosting, reseller hosting, vps hosting and dedicated hosting and its pricing starts from $0 to $100 per month. So hosting is mandotory and need to be signed up once you buy domain and willing to host it on world wide web.

Thank you.