13 Different WordPress Website Types Which You Can Build Easily!

Do you have an excellent idea for an online company but not sure of where to start? Utilizing WordPress will ensure that you can create almost every type of websites, and you’ll be able to build it entirely by yourself. WordPress is the most modern Content Management System (CMS) software used to publish, edit, and manage contents online. The CMS is open-source and supported by the biggest community of developers who are constantly trying to improve the codebase of WordPress. We will learn here about WordPress Website Types.


WordPress makes it easy to get the technical knowledge to create the website you’ve always wanted. You don’t need to invest an arm and a leg to get your site up and running. All you require is a good and reputed Web Hosting provider like HostPoco and some time to work. You can create almost every kind of site you can think of. In this article, we’ll share helpful information regarding the small websites or their types that could be created using WordPress easily.

Personal Blogs Or Websites

At the start, WordPress was mostly used for blog creation. One of the main motives to create WordPress was precisely to create an excellent blogging platform. It’s still the most basic and most popular type of website made through the CMS system.

Today, WordPress is working on an even larger size, yet it’s still its status as a top blogging platform, particularly compared to the most well-known venues in this category like Blogger, Joomla and Tumblr. It doesn’t matter what kind of blog you’d like to create – whether it’s a personal one or a professional one, WordPress provides many features that will ensure that you get everything you want. The CMS is more refined than when it first began. It has a variety of themes and plugins that can assist you in taking charge of your SEO and ensure that you can create your unique blog.

When creating a blog, be aware that the best content can be ignored if the headline is not well-written. Be sure to take the time to write your ideas perfectly. Take into consideration what people would like to know about and how they would like to be presented. Include images and other forms of media to create rich content and include headings to label all areas of your post. Use SEO plugins such as Yoast to aid you in ensuring the quality of your content.

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Business Websites

Due to the variety of themes that WordPress provides, it is used by a variety of large and global-local brands around the globe. For companies, staying in line with how you present your products and having the right tools to accomplish this is vital. WordPress lets you make the process of adding videos and images quick and simple. It offers an array of extensions to create a more user-friendly website.

Certain industry-leading businesses like Mercedes-Benz as well as Sony music are using WordPress to make their websites.

When creating a website for your business, One of the aspects to think about is creating a high-quality frequently asked Questions (FAQ) area. Make sure that the section is easy to locate and provide as much information about your service as you can. Your goal is for your customers to be customers, and you want your customers to be satisfied with your product or service. You might want to consider making use of your Ultimate FAQ plugin, which includes more than 40000 active installations.

Furthermore, your clients must have an idea about what your business is if they are on your territory. This is why you must set out the mission and vision of your business. These are the most important things to keep in mind for your company’s website:

  • Include call-to-action (CTA). In this way, you can encourage visitors to sign up for your newsletter, purchase their services or purchase your product.
  • You must have solid and compelling content. That’s what can blow the competitors out of the water. Create helpful material in the form of tutorials, articles, and perhaps even personal stories. People love when they are a part of something, which makes you more appealing to them, increasing the conversion rate.
  • Don’t go overboard with your words. Exaggerating using too many adjectives or large paragraphs of text could turn prospective customers away. Be sure to stay on track and making sure you are saying the right amount.

Focus on the customer. When you write about your products or services, ensure that you focus on how your customers gain from them. Do not just talk about how fantastic your product is. Also, explain how much effort and time you’ve put into it. Customers want to know that their money was wisely invested.

E-Commerce Websites

WordPress is fast becoming the most popular solution for companies new to eCommerce due to its user-friendliness. Extensions can manage the inventory, payments, sales tax, and shipping. A large portion of online store owners uses WooCommerce that is designed to work with WordPress.

As of the writing of this article, Woo Commerce is in its 4.0 version. It was released on the 10th of March 2020 and came together with the brand new Woo Commerce Admin. Woo Commerce 4.0 is a significant update with a new dashboard, updated and enhanced reports, an improved experience for contacting customers, and brand new tools for managing your store available.

Furthermore, there are extensions, such as Ultimate WordPress Auction. Ultimate WordPress Auction plugin that permits you to set up an auction site within WordPress.

The powerful plugin architecture of WordPress provides anyone to transform their standard WordPress blog or website into an entire online store.

In addition to WooCommerce, there are various premium and free plugins to help you start your online store. For example, Easy Digital Downloads, WP eCommerce, JigShop, and MarketPress are all fantastic eCommerce plugins.

Offering an uninterrupted eCommerce experience is proof that WordPress is more than it was at the beginning of its growth. It is growing with each release that brings new features available.

News Websites

WordPress is the engine behind some of the most important news sites, including People magazines like the New Yorker and The Australian Herald Sun, Vogue, and the Village Voice. This ought to be enough to convince you why WordPress is a fantastic option for developing a news site. However, let’s go on.

With custom-designed themes, you’ll be able to engage your audience most efficiently and maintain your distinctive style.

It’s easy to see why a lot of online news outlets select WordPress It offers the following features:

  • Tools for comment section that can be adapted to your needs
  • Secure payment options
  • Extensions that permit content restriction
  • They are incorporating videos and photos to bring the story alive

Think about the use of Largo It’s a flexible WordPress theme-based framework. It was designed explicitly for news media. The design is meticulously crafted and refined to meet the needs of those who run the news site.

Questions and Answers Websites (Like Quora And Yahoo Answers)

If you’re looking to utilize WordPress to build your own Quora kind of website, you’re able to do it. Creating a Q&A website is accessible using WordPress and, when you incorporate additional tools, you’ll be able to develop it with aplomb and make your community online.

Q&A websites earn money through user-generated content. This makes them ideal for starting an online company.

Here are some guidelines to follow:

  • Examine the websites of competitors, e.g., Quora
  • You might want to consider a web application development company that can help you.
  • Create an easy-to-use and user-friendly design.
  • Make sure you have the essential features on your site
  • Develop a marketing strategy to bring users into the game
  • Make sure you create distinctive features that will create a unique website
  • Find ways to make money from your website with questions and answers
  • Make sure your website is updated regularly.

The whole idea behind Q&A websites is built around the possibility of sharing content and exchange ideas with others in the community. Remember that content is more appealing if it includes external links, images, GIFs, videos, etc.

Some of the most well-known WordPress plugins that will assist you in creating a complete Answer and Question Answer system include DW Answer and Question, Sabai Discuss, Answer, AnsPress – Question and Answer, CM Answers, and Sabai Discuss. Many of these plugins are compatible with multiple languages, shortcodes, email notification systems, reCAPTCHA, and more.

Wiki Sites (Like Wikipedia)

Creating your own Wiki website may seem daunting, however, and, let’s face it, the process will take up lots of time. Furthermore, you’ll have to conduct many studies to ensure that you are doing things correctly. Also, WordPress is here to assist you in creating a fantastic website for your wiki and the knowledge base that you choose to build it.

Once you have a good grasp of what it takes to create a successful wiki. Then you must be aware of where to start after the site has been completed. We’ll provide some steps to follow in designing your Wiki using WordPress. But, it would help if you considered doing your research and further study by reading Wikipedia’s Help pages. They are comprehensive and will aid you in getting a handle on what’s essential on a larger scale. What you must do: to accomplish:

  • Choose a wiki plugin or theme. The default setting for WordPress is that WordPress doesn’t have the correct settings to function correctly as Wikipedia. However, this is easily fixed by making use of a wiki-specific theme or plugin. As a theme to consider, you should think about using MyWiki, for example. If you are looking for good Wiki plugins, you could use BuddyPress Docs, Wiki Lite, Pencil Wiki, Encyclopedia Lite and Yada Wiki.
  • Create a clear organizational structure. The majority of wikis contain a lot of content. That’s why it is important to establish a clear organizational structure at the very beginning. If you allow users to organize their content while posting it to the site, you’re likely to have confused, inconsistent content.

Make and post regulations for your group. It’s a good idea to consider the way that users use your Wiki. It is best, to begin with, a small number of approved users. This is the way you’ll be less stressed about with regards to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) as well as user experience (UX).

Consumer Review Websites

There is a proven fact that three out of five people read reviews on the internet before purchasing the product or service. It is crucial to be informed, and when you set up your website for consumer reviews, you’ll be the one who provides the necessary information to customers. Review sites offer enormous opportunities for traffic generation and the possibility of monetization.

If you also want to make money through affiliate marketing, reviewing products can make a massive difference to your blog’s overall earnings.

Here are some suggestions to follow when creating your website for consumer reviews:

  • Select a niche for your review website. This will be sure that your site is profitable. If you’re an individual, you should try to choose an area of expertise. Your niche is the product category you’ll be reviewing.
  • Select one of the WordPress themes. After you’ve installed WordPress, you’ll need to select the right theme to go with a review website. Find a theme with ample space to showcase pictures that showcase the items you’re reviewing. Because your reviews will contain lots of text so make sure your chosen theme is also simple to read for your readers.
  • Set up and configure a plugin such as the WP Product Review plugin. After you have WordPress installed and installed your theme, you’ll be able to install and set up your WP Product Review plugin. The plugin is free, but if you’re committed to your project, it’s suggested to purchase its Pro version.

Review websites are very similar to traditional blog sites. Therefore, if you write high-quality reviews and then promote them correctly, you’ll begin to see natural traffic on your website and get on the road towards earning a steady passive income.

Job Boards

If you are looking to begin your own online business, A job search site could be a viable source of revenue. There are always those looking for an opportunity to get a new job. Many want to switch careers, while others are looking for a more lucrative job or to get into a different sector. If you develop websites that list open positions in specific areas, you can assist people in finding what they’re looking for and generate an income stream for you.

There are certain essential aspects that every job website needs. Be sure to consider these aspects when choosing the ideal theme for your job board website.

Front-end submissions. These make it easier for job seekers or business leaders to submit applications for positions or post their jobs directly to your homepage. This saves time and makes the whole process much more efficient. Anyone trying to submit a request or to apply for a job enjoys the best user experience.

Profile area for users. A great theme will offer profiles for business owners as well as job seekers. This will enable the business owner to keep track of their listings easily and also know when the listings were posted and when they must be renewed. Additionally, applicants to jobs can easily modify their profile, upload their resume and keep track of the status of their applications.

Search and filtering features that live. Giving users the option to look through jobs or filter categories can reduce their time. This, in turn, results in a more user-friendly experience. In this way, there’ll no need to look through the results one at a time to determine if the job fits their capabilities.

Responsive design. You should select the WordPress theme that has a responsive style, mainly because, nowadays, most users prefer to browse the Internet via smartphones. A responsive design reduces the chance of users becoming annoyed by a bad experience on a site.

Options for customization. Choose a WordPress theme that has many options for customization. In this way, you’ll incorporate your company’s brand and create an easily recognized job board website.

A majority of job boards are not just a list of job openings and an index of search results. Incorporating company reviews and the median salary is always an excellent idea. If you’re interested in making an extra effort, you can include a blog as well to boost your SEO.

Portfolio Websites

There are plenty of Artists, Photographers, and Web Designers build their websites with WordPress. If you’re an artist, photographer, or designer who has a portfolio and want to show your works to the public then you can do it by using themes that feature stunning sliders as well as breathtaking images galleries.

For the majority of designers, creative thinking is simple, but the technical aspect is slightly confusing. In this situation, WordPress is the perfect solution.

Here are some helpful tips to help you get started on the right foot with your Portfolio website:

  • It’s a showpiece and not an index. Select your best work. Don’t use your portfolio site as a place to store your work. It is important that people know the quality you have when you’re at your peak and don’t show how awful you could be when you’re not feeling energy.
  • Set your goals. If you are looking to expand your opportunities in a particular field or sector, you should present your past work that matches the demographic you are targeting. If you don’t have a specific field or genre, you should present your work with a balance.
  • Create an identity for your brand. Develop a brand identity and incorporate images that represent your style. So, your portfolio will be more well-known, and visitors will be able to recognize your work any time and wherever they look. In WordPress, the style of your website is determined by the theme you choose, so you must choose a theme with care.
  • You should organize your material. Keep your design portfolio organized. Keep it neat and simple to browse. If you’re hoping to have an appealing website that will make you rich, Create a system that is easy to comprehend and also comprehensive. It is essential to be user-friendly when creating stunning websites.

WordPress makes it simpler than other options to create your unique online portfolio of web design.

Restaurant Websites

If you’re developing your own restaurant’s website with WordPress, You should strive to create a design in line with your business. Before you start, it’s recommended to conduct some research on other restaurant websites that have been established to assist you in planning the information you’d like to add to your site.

Here are a few fundamental elements that every restaurant’s website must have:

  • Your menu and your hours of service. It will be among the most visited pages on your site. Visitors are on your website primarily to learn more about the foods you have on the menu and check if they’re likely to be happy with what you provide.
  • High-quality restaurant photos. Although describing meals may sound appealing, it’s more attractive if you can draw visitors with high-quality images of the dish. Include pictures not just on your menu pages but as well on your website. When displaying your food, be sure to show photos of your restaurant, achieving more transparency.
  • Forms for booking online. These forms can increase the number of reservations your restaurant receives while reducing the time spent calling you or your staff.
  • Highly rated reviews from customers. If you display reviews written by your guests, they will be able to make an informed choice and assure them that your restaurant is worth their time. Invite regulars to post their experience on your site to let others see their happiness.
  • Address and map Integration. A map of where you are located is vital. It is essential to make it as simple for your potential customers to find your establishment. Also, make sure to include information on your Contact Page and the footer of your website to make it easier for them to get there.

Find restaurants WordPress themes to discover the optimal design for your website that will also provide the restaurant with an internet platform for promoting your restaurant and connect with additional customers.

Government Websites

Websites for businesses are significantly smaller when compared with websites of whole nations. As departments and government agencies also require representation, they are also required to utilize an application to do that, and the application is usually WordPress. Sweden is an example. Sweden is among the countries that have chosen WordPress as their official website.

When you are creating a website for the Government There are a few essential tips to keep in mind:

  • Make sure your website’s design gets the necessary consideration. A good plan is more than looking nice. It’s about improving accessibility and credibility. You should consider hiring a professional designer (if you’re not already one). Also, you must invest some time and money in quality photos, but don’t forget to look through the well-known government websites before you begin any project.
  • Navigation doesn’t have to be strict. There is an inclination for navigation structures to resemble an organizational chart, resulting in a plethora of links beginning by stating “office or …”
  • Simple things are best. When designing banners, like banners, it is not necessary to fill them with information. It can make your website appear messy that isn’t appealing or user-friendly. Instead, you could employ an image rotation tool and make it more familiar to users of your site.
  • Pick a color. It is best to match the color used on the flag of the nation’s national. Make use of that color as well as various shades of it since you don’t want a severe website for the government to look overly “fresh.” An excellent method to explore graphic and color combinations are style tiles.
  • Include something interesting. Every country has something they are known for. Make sure to include that information on your site. People love learning fascinating (fun) information.

Make your Government web design distinctive in every way and ensure there’s no irrelevant information included.

Social Media Websites

Let’s begin by stating the fact that Facebook Newsroom is built with WordPress. In the discussion of Social Media websites, you must not forget Facebook.

Try building the same site with WordPress or an online community that shares the same interest.

WordPress will also allow you to set up a forum and includes a registration code plugin that can stop trolls from becoming irritating.

Take some time to browse through various social media sites. Learn what their most essential features are and think of ways to make them more attractive. You could even create the wiki for your social media sites, depending on the kind of community you’re a part of.

Charity Websites

A great website doesn’t have to cost the earth. Modern platforms such as WordPress are an excellent option for any person, and it doesn’t mean that people cannot use it to develop websites for charity. If you choose to employ an agency or freelancer to assist you in designing your charity site.

Here are some suggestions to follow:

  • Plan your strategy. Creating a clear and concise content strategy will require some clever thinking; however, it doesn’t require a lot of time. Even if it seems a little daunting, do not skimp on this step because it can help you save a lot of time and will make your life more accessible over the long haul.
  • Create your content. Create content that will inspire everyone to take steps. Don’t make it too complicated, and keep in mind that you could continue to add information in the future. Share stories that will help people feel connected to the cause that you are supporting.
  • Find quality images. It is best to make use of your own photos. If you can, however, in the event that you don’t, take the time to search for the images. There are many sites where you can get images for free to reuse (including Google image search).
  • Fundraise on the internet. Every charity needs funds. This is why it’s recommended to establish a few online donation websites that work alongside your charity’s website. Today, social media platforms such as Facebook are instrumental in spreading awareness, specifically about charities.

The public has proven themselves that they are a good many times. Websites for charities are part of the proof, and there is a myriad of organizations that are still in operation and new ones that are being launched daily.


In the end, WordPress can be used to do beyond just blog posting! It’s highly flexible, and the concepts aren’t necessarily exclusive. Artists can create an online portfolio, while an event manager could create an event website, as well as the job board, could offer job opportunities to people who work regularly.

If you’d like to, you are welcome to provide additional ideas for websites that could be created using WordPress. We’ve listed a handful of them. In truth, WordPress can do it everything.