E-Commerce Websites making the right call using Web Hosting Services

E-commerce websites are the latest version of the classic cash cow of the 22nd century. More than ever, we live in an age of post-COVID-19, which is pushing more increasing numbers of people to purchase online and use contactless delivery. People are now looking to avoid shopping in busy and public spaces whenever possible.

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Also, regardless of the reason, it is common for businesses to innovate, adjust and overcome the difficulties they face in the aftermath of the pandemic. This is essential to remain relevant and increase their earning potential. We are confident that most companies would like to achieve precisely this. It’s also a good opportunity for young entrepreneurs to make their impressions.

Suppose you’re an established company looking to create an online presence or a brand new one starting entirely from scratch. In that case, the process begins with choosing the appropriate web hosting company. You don’t want to spend too much on something you do not require. However, you don’t want your site to be a disaster because you underestimated its requirements!

In this blog article, HostPoco gives you the crucial information you need to select the right solution according to the requirements of your new e-commerce website. Follow this blog to learn more!

What is the best time to use Shared Hosting for E-commerce?

Let’s begin with the most widely easily accessible web hosting that is available in the market to support your e-commerce venture Sharing Web Hosting.

Many websites and customers (you know what!) are hosted on the same server in the case of shared hosting. It’s, by average cost-effective and efficient in many ways over one. It’s simple and easy to begin. The price of web hosting plans and the technical assistance, disk storage and optimization are the most important factors to be considered when purchasing the shared web hosting service.

We’ve spent a lot of time enhancing our Shared Hosting solutions to provide you with the top across all the categories listed above. That’s why we are certain that our shared hosting solutions can be a great choice for both new businesses and operating websites.

However, there’s an exception to bear in mind: If you’re looking to take a serious approach to your venture or are seeing an increase in traffic to your website, then you may not want to go on a shared hosting service in the future.

Of course, some cases are different, so if you are unsure about the compatibility of your online store with the one the Shared hosting plans, we invite you to reach out to our sales chat to discuss the issue with our knowledgeable agents!

We’re heading straight towards VPS and Beyond.

What is referred to as what is known as a Virtual Private Server (VPS) is like Shared Hosting in the sense that VPS clients have a shared server. Still, the advanced partitioning technology allows the VPS user to have more flexibility, customization, and flexibility over the users of Shared Hosting.

If you have a VPS, it typically gets a variety of additional features, including what people are looking for in VPS servers, the ability to root and an individual IP address. Our own VPS solutions aren’t the only ones!

When you dig about it, you’ll discover that any eCommerce website will always surpass the Shared Hosting platform sooner or later. For some of the most innovative or established initiatives, Shared Hosting was skipped completely in favor of launching using the help of a VPS server.

In some instances, a VPS may be required since a Shared Hosting server may not meet the requirements and requirements of the online project in the same way as VPS servers do. Virtual Private Server would.

Fully Managed is a synonym for Fully Reliable for an E-commerce project

What is it to be completely managed in the case of VPS or dedicated servers? It’s simple. The web hosting company, which offers to host, offers technical support and manages the server for customers. It is well-known that it requires some time and energy to oversee and expand your e-commerce venture.

Also, an online hosting service that is already in place allows you to concentrate all your attention on your business without worrying about your VPS. This is an excellent option to consider and why you should think about getting an account with a VPS, especially if your eCommerce website requires the resources and environment it offers.

Note: The more customized and specific your e-commerce program and needs are, the higher the possibility that your web hosting provider may not be in a position to offer you fully-managed solutions. If you’re uncertain if we’ll be capable of providing you with an entirely managed solution, you should speak directly with our team via chat.

Upgrade guidelines for existing e-commerce projects

Let’s suppose you’ve installed a hosting web system with a shared hosting plan, but you’re experiencing problems with your site that don’t seem to stem from the website itself. You are likely exceeding the resources of your hosting system. This is normal and can be is a good indicator of the performance of your online store.

In the end, this happens only when your business is increasing in size or has been receiving more traffic. The processes that run in the background to keep your business running smoothly and earning money can push shared hosting beyond its limits when there are many clients and visitors to your site.

To aid you in understanding this better, this list of resources your site may have exceeded the acceptable limit of usage on this shared hosting account to prompt you to look into switching to the VPS solution.

These are the sources that are of concern:

  • CPU Consumption
  • RAM Utilization
  • Database Size
  • Monthly Bandwidth
  • Visitors

On HostPoco, the proper usage of server resources is according to the Shared Hosting plan you’re using. For more details about each help and whether or not you have to upgrade, it’s recommended to speak with our team.

We can guarantee that if you report an issue and we’ve discovered the need to change to Shared Hosting or VPS We will inform you about it immediately and recommend the best upgrade plan depending on the specifics of your situation.


Although there are many elements to the success of online shopping, Everything starts with the base, and the foundation is constructed on the web hosting platform which hosts the website. That’s why we urge you to be aware of the best option for your project online. It’s a balance to be made between affordability, room for expansion and the needs of the site itself.

If you have any questions, suggestions, or concerns, please feel at ease to contact us anytime. HostPoco is available to go out anytime!

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