oops something went wrong and we couldn’t process your request!

How to fix the error in WHMCS if you or your clients are getting the error ‘oops something went wrong’ at the time of placing an order from your website? As we regularly suggest to always initiate test orders from your website to get the exact working of your website and its billing panel.

oops something went wrong

Recently one of our clients reported the error below and it’s one of the known WHMCS Order Issues.

oops something went wrong and we couldn’t process your request

Reasons behind such error

Recent Migration or System updates can cause such issues. We had a case where the client switched his service to HostPoco. The client noticed an error after a decrease in order flow for his website. The change in the document path of the domain has caused the issue. The client’s site was using the path as /home2/user/public_html earlier and migration of service have changed the path to /home/user/public_html and you can make required changes under the storage system to fix the issue.

Here are steps to determine the exact cause of oops something went wrong

This is the simplest way to find out what’s causing it. What is causing this error? These steps are easy to follow and can be done quickly without any programming knowledge.

Step 1. Log in to the WHMCS Admin Area.

Step 2. Navigate Setup Tab, then click on General Setting Tab, then click on Another tab.

Step 3. Click on the checkboxes to reload the page that is giving you the error. You will be able to see the error.


Always make sure to tests the things after any action with the website or with WHMCS panel. Such oops something went wrong errors can harm your business and it’s required to take quick action against such errors.

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