5 Recommended Image Optimization Tools for 2022

Its the fact that people are captivated by eye-catching visual media. Research shows that big and quality images play an important factor in attracting people’s interest. This is wonderful, but generally, images account for about 21% of the web page’s total size. So, if you don’t wish to create a hefty and slow-loading website, then you must learn to minimize the size of your images to the greatest extent feasible without compromising the quality.

The good news is that optimizing your photos is one of the most easy and most straightforward tasks you can do and will significantly impact many of the essential elements of your site.

As a provider of web hosting, Hostpoco understands how critical the speed of loading is for all website owners. We have therefore developed intelligent caching systems at an server level that are designed for caching static files which have shown a drastic decrease in loading time. When combined with optimized images and a result that is lightning fast performance.

Benefits of Optimizing Your Images

The speed at which you load your website is an important aspect that affects your users experience as well as your SEO rank. Many webmasters overlook how important it is to compress images which could significantly increase the time it takes to load their website , and in turn cause users to be frustrated. Optimizing your images can bring the following benefits:

A shorter time to load a page – Naturally, the smaller the image’s size and the more quickly the page loads. This directly impacts your users’ experience when using your site. A page that loads quickly will increase the satisfaction of your visitors and their overall impression of your company’s image.

SEO optimization SEO enhancement Search Engines do not like slow websites. The speed at which pages load is a ranking factor, and therefore, cutting down on loading time can affect your SEO and will increase your rank.

A smaller amount of resources is required. Formatting your images can save web hosting resources. Smaller images require less storage space and consume less bandwidth.

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Image Compression Tools

Software and tools for image compression are utilized to decrease the cost of transmission and size of files. There are numerous offline and online, free and paid applications that you can utilize to improve your photos. Some allow users to alter images, while other programs automate the process for you. To make the list shorter and make it easier to choose the most convenient and effective tool for your specific requirements, we’ve reviewed the best tools available for 2022.

Before we begin reviewing the tools, we’d like to clarify the differences between the two types of compression.


This technique can help you reduce the size of your files by removing a portion that contain data. The images can be damaged by this method which is why you should be aware of it.

Lossless Method

This technique compresses data, but does not affect the quality of the image.

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Online Image Optimization Tools


TinyPNG is among the most well-known and popular online image compression tools that is free and accessible on the internet. It utilizes sophisticated lossy strategies to reduce the dimension in JPEG as well as PNG images. It allows uploading as many as 20 photos at once as well as up to 100 per month in the free version. The maximum file size for an image is 5MB.

TinyPNG automatically compresses images by switching CMYK to RBG with no noticeable reduction in image quality. JPEG Images are compressed by around 60% and PNG images are compressed by an 80%. Once the compression has been completed and you’re given an archive to download to your device.

In addition to the web versions, TinyPNG has ready to use WordPress plugin as well as Magento extension that is easy to incorporate into your site.

The drawback of TinyPNG is its limit on size and the inability to alter to the reduction in quality.

TinyPNG optimization tool


Compressor.io is another great online tool to compress images. It lets you compress of JPEG, PNG, GIF, SVG, and WebP files in three different modes: Lossy and lossless with the free version and Custom using the professional version. Its advantages include flexibility and the capability to reduce as much as 90 percent of the file’s size. The maximum size for a file is 10MB. The procedure will be automatic and just as easy as dropping and dragging your desired files.

The drawback for Compressor.io is the fact it doesn’t allow the compression of large amounts of images. Instead, you can optimize just one image at the same time. If you have to compress several images, the process could take a lot of time.

compressor io optimization tool


Kraken.io is a extremely powerful tool for image compression that is available in the free and premium versions. It can support JPG, PNG, and GIF formats and permits users to optimize the size of up to twenty images simultaneously. After the process has been completed it will provide you with a download archive that contains all the files. In comparison to the two previous programs, Kraken offers the option of exporting the files to Box and then import the documents directly to Box, DropBox, and Google Drive, as well as directly from your device. Kraken.io offers three compression modes that include automatic Lossy and Lossless modes, as well as Expert mode which is manual and offers more flexibility.

If you upgrade to the Pro version, you’ll discover some impressive options, like unlimited upload size of images and resizing images, Kraken Cloud storage capacity, and access via their API such as integration with WordPress and Magento as well as other.

The biggest drawback with Kraken.io is the limit to 1MB for each file when using its free versions.

kraken io optimization tool


Optimizilla can be described as an online tool for free that dramatically reduces the size of files without compromising quality. Optimizilla can work with JPEG and PNG formats and lets users to compress up 20 images at a time. Optimizilla employs a sophisticated lossy compression technique and provides users with the .zip image file that contains all the images after the process is complete.

One of the most impressive advantages that comes with Optimizilla is the possibility to choose the compression rate and to adjust the quality. Additionally, it permits users to preview the compressed images and compare them with the original images.

optimizilla image optimization tool


CompressNow is a flexible web-based tool that lets you manage the compression rate. With CompressNow it is possible to improve the quality of up to 10 PNG JPEG, GIF, or JPG images in the bulk. The limit on files for the tool is increased to to 9 MB. The capability to regulate the compression rate using percentages is one of the major benefits of CompressNow. This is especially when you need to use the same compression rate to multiple images simultaneously.



Optimizing your images is a task you should not be able to overlook or ignore. As you will see, it is an easy task and locating the best software for your specific requirements will help make the process less laborious and easy.

Combining compression of images with general practices for optimizing images including using vector images in conjunction with JPG as well as PNG pictures, employing CSS3 effects in place of pictures, lazy loading of images and replacing texts in images using web fonts and using a CDN to serve your images, can result in a dramatic increase in the loading speed of your site.

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