What Is Linux Hosting

The Linux open-source operating system is the most famous OS among Linux hosting providers. It is the most popular server operating system due to its open-source platform. Open-source systems mean it allows code to be modified and redistributed freely without any restriction.


Linux users often rely on the cPanel control panel to manage web development tasks. Although providers may include cPanel, it is completely a third-party application. Windows and Linux have many similar features and are compatible for most key tasks.

Web hosting providers prefer this to the more restrictive Windows platform because it allows greater customization in server capabilities, safety, and user options.

Few hosting services offer Windows-based hosting services, and those that do charge a higher monthly fee than Linux-based hosting because its backed costing is higher.

History-wise, windows struggled a lot in hosting platform in terms of stability. But recent iterations of the product place it on a similar playing field to Linux.

What is Linux hosting with cPanel?

Linux Hosting is the most preferred type of hosting for everyone in the market. It’s the first choice of agents in the web designing field. Many peoples rely on Cpanel to manage their hosting platform. The cPanel featured to simplify operations on the Linux platform. With cPanel, you can easily manage all hosting-related tasks easily a single place.

According to Hostpoco, cPanel relies on separate two interfaces. First the user interface and second the web host manager. You can easily manage tasks like publish websites, manage domains, create email accounts, store files, stats, and much more.

Like Windows, users do not automatically have access to cPanel with Linux. cPanel is a third-party application, but hosting providers install and includes it with their hosting packages. Hostpoco deals with Linux hosting with cPanel as a control panel also having the option to install 400+ scripts in a single click. WordPress users always trust on cPanel Linux hosting for their website.

Windows vs. Linux hosting

Both these types have their own specifications and which makes them special for the particular user requirements. The one who do not have such special requirements, wish to get hosting for their website then we suggest going with Linux hosting.

Comparing performance, stability, safety, security, and ease of use won’t give you a clear indication of which platform is better. The real reason many web admins pick Linux as a hosting platform is the type of files and functions they expect to use. If a website uses ASP, .NET, Microsoft Access or Microsoft SQL files, its hosting will need to be based on the Windows platform, so the user can go with windows hosting.

All other file types like PHP, Perl, WordPress, MySQL, etc. can run much more easily on a Linux-based web host. These files still run on a Windows web host, but the Linux platform is designed to work specifically with these data types, and helps to get maximum than the windows hosting.

Simple, standard HTML-based websites can work on both platforms, and there won’t be any difference with the presence and performance of the website. Not only the difference of supporting several files types by Linux hosting but also its the cheaper and most popular hosting option among web hosting providers.

Generally, users don’t typically have the option to choose the operating systems of their hosting providers. In most cases, their choice is found as Linux based hosting package. However, most hosting providers offer Windows-based platforms, which prompts the question of which one is better.

The difference between the two hosting types ultimately comes down to the capabilities offered to users. One can run a control panel from any local machine or laptop. Features that run on a Linux website must be specially crafted to run on it at the backend and will not be the same applications that run on a local computer, so you don’t need to already be using Linux at the local end.

If you are regular a Windows user and thinking that it will be easier to have a windows web hosting account. it’s a correct belief as well. You will only receive control panel login details to manage hosting, you won’t see a start menu button or desktop icons there.


Linux hosting is the preferred and recommended hosting solution for, who are not having Windows server relevant or asp.net related tasks. It’s a safe, secured, and cheaper solution compared with Windows Hosting. It comes with the most useful cPanel and everyone can task related to hosting by using this control panel.

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